September, 30, 2023
Germany to Consider Deportation of Rejected Asylum Seekers

Germany to Consider Deportation of Rejected Asylum Seekers

Berlin (Monitoring Desk) Germany has begun considering the deportation of rejected asylum seekers. Germany’s conservative political party wants asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected to be sent back faster. According to a local media report, the leader of Germany’s opposition party, the Sachin Democratic Union, Friedrich Meers, wants to add several more countries to the list of safe countries for refugees, so that refugees coming from these countries will not have their applications rejected. Can be deported immediately after.In an interview with the German newspaper Finke Media Group, Mears named Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and India as countries that could be added to the list. He made this statement at a time when the German government already wanted to declare Georgia and Moldova as safe countries for asylum seekers. The approval of the German parliament is yet to be obtained for this move. According to the report, Mears called for the list to be substantially expanded beyond the two countries mentioned in the government’s plans.

Elan’s image had rocked, moving boats of death. Eight years have passed since the accident, the world has not succeeded in preventing such tragedies

Damascus (NNI) Eight years ago on September 2, 2015, the picture of a child lying face down on the beach shook the whole world. The child lying on the seashore was wearing a red shirt. This inanimate body had affected every corner of the planet. A three-year-old boy from Syria has become an icon of migrant tragedies, fleeing wars or fleeing economic conditions in their home countries to Europe as they embark on death row boats. does. This image of Ilan Kurdi reminds people of death boats drowning people in the seas. The boat was involved in a sinking accident. He drowned along with dozens of other children, including his five-year-old brother and mother, during a trip to the Greek island of Bodrum after fleeing the Syrian city of Bani. Eight years have passed since this accident, but today’s modern world has not been able to prevent such tragedies. Especially Syria, Libya, Tunisia, and others. People from other countries are still losing their lives trying to enter European countries illegally.

Prince William’s harsh reaction to Harry’s biography. If there is no reconciliation between the two, the tension within the royal family will continue

London (NNI) Prince of Wales William has reacted strongly to the biography of his younger brother Prince Harry. According to media reports, Prince William has apparently remained silent on all the allegations leveled against the royal family by Prince Harry so far. But a recent article by Giles Brandreth in the British newspaper revealed that Prince William was furious after reading a biography of his younger brother Prince Harry. The article also casts doubt on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah O’Neill. It should be noted that Prince William seems reluctant to reconcile with his younger brother Prince Harry. After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle separated from the royal family in 2020, they have made many shocking revelations about the British royal family. Now Prince Harry is preparing for a short visit to London to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, and reports are swirling about Prince William that he has no intention of reconciling with his younger brother on this occasion either. Tensions within the Royal Family if Prince William and Prince Harry do not reconcile
Will remain.

In three months, 7.8 million tourists arrived in Saudi Arabia, earning billions of dollars

Riyadh (Net News) In the first quarter of this year, Saudi Arabia’s income from the tourism sector was 9.86 billion dollars. The number of tourists increased tremendously, 7.8 million people visited Saudi Arabia in the first three months of this year. The country’s tourism strategy includes targets to attract 10 million tourists and create 1 million jobs by 2030. According to the records published by the World Tourism Organization, Saudi Arabia was the fastest-growing destination in the first quarter of 2023.

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