March, 21, 2023
Government and PTI sit together

Government and PTI sit together

PTI and government sit together Some commission goes ahead some come behind

The good intentions of the government have not been questioned. For the first time, the container has been standing but not the currency exchange. Don’t think that stability will come only after the election.

Islamabad (Mian Aqeel Afzal, Zaigham Naqvi, Waqas Ahmed) The Supreme Court has reserved the decision of the self-notice case related to the delay in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa elections, which will be heard today at 11 am. Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial remarked that no one except the court has the authority to extend the election period, the court can order delay only after examining the concrete reasons, if the election is not held on time, there will be no stability, on the goodwill of the government. No question is raised, for the first time there is such a situation that the containers are standing but there is no exchange. A 5-member larger bench headed by the Chief Justice heard the case. When Islamabad High Court Bar lawyer Abid Zuberi started arguments, the Attorney General raised an objection. He said that Abid Zuberi cannot represent the bar, Abid Zuberi replied I am not a party, I am a lawyer for the bar. And governors are bound by the advice of the judge in every matter, can the president and governors give the date of the election on their own? Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that if the advice of the government comes, how can the governor refuse? The date was not announced, and the Chief Justice asked whether you are saying that the government is not fulfilling its constitutional responsibility. Holding elections in 90 days is the spirit of the constitution. Abid Zuberi said that giving the date of the election is the prerogative of the President, Justice Mansoor said that resources and circumstances will be reviewed in consultation. If the Election Commission shows an incapacity to hold the elections, is the governor bound to give the date? Abid Zuberi said that the governor is obliged to give the date in any case. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that can the president take any decision without the advice of the cabinet. Justice Jamal Mandukhel said that the powers of the President are clear in the Constitution. He is bound by advice for every work, Abid Zuberi took the position that the President is not bound by advice for every work. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that the President can take decisions only on advice. Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar said that whenever the governor gives a date, a margin of 52 days will be kept. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that now you have started asking us what to do. Under which law is the president writing vacations? Abid Zubari replied that the President has written letters for consultation, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that there is no mention of consultation in the Constitution, and Justice Jamal Mandukhil said that if the law allows the President, then the President is bound by the advice. . Justice Mansoor Ali Shah raised the question whether the election commission can extend the date of the governor, the attorney general said that if the governor asks for the election on the 85th day, then the election commission can say 89 days, the chief justice said that the governor That is why consultation with the Election Commission has been made mandatory, whether it is the President or the Governor, everyone is bound by the Constitution and the law.

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