September, 27, 2023
Government Boosts Monthly Allowance for Unemployed Persons

Government Boosts Monthly Allowance for Unemployed Persons

The value of the monthly allowance for unemployed people in Germany has increased. The government initiative aims to provide funds to the unemployed to meet the inflation-adjusted necessities of life. As part of the government’s reform package, monthly allowances for children and refugees have been increased. The federal German government has agreed to increase the financial allowance for the unemployed to 563 euros per month in 2024 due to inflation. Labor Minister Ho Barretts-Hyle had already announced the increase at the end of August.

For adults living with a spouse or partner, this financial payment will be increased to 506 euros per month. This increase is about 12 percent compared to the 451 euros a month they receive, benefiting about five million people in the country. In January, the coalition government of Chancellor Olaf Schulz’s Social Democratic Party and its coalition partners, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party, introduced a major social welfare reform package for the long-term unemployed since 2005. It will replace a benefit program called Hearts Four.

In the town of Bandipora, an Indian soldier’s firing killed his fellow soldier and seriously injured another

Protests continue in India’s illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir against the anti-people policies of the occupying authorities, and hundreds of women protested in Srinagar demanding an increase in wages. According to Kashmir Media Service, Ashawar Karum gathered in Srinagar’s Press Colony and protested. Raising slogans in favor of their demands, they said that they were facing severe difficulties due to low wages. They said that despite their tireless work, they are not getting decent wages. A woman worker who participated in the protest said that we have been working since 2005 and are demanding an increase in salaries. We are getting 2000 rupees per month which is very low. He said that it is unfortunate that we are not getting adequate wages despite performing the important duty of health care at the ground level. Asha workers demanded that their salaries be made according to the Minimum Wage Act so that they could support themselves. They said that they cannot meet their expenses on the current wages, how will they support their families? On the other hand, in Bandipora town, an Indian soldier killed his fellow soldier and seriously injured another. According to Kashmir Media Service, one of his soldiers was killed and another seriously injured in the firing of a soldier in the camp of 14 Rashtriya Rifles of the Indian Army in Bandipora.

The power of developing countries in the world is constantly increasing, China

Havana (APP) Special Envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Li Shi, held the “Group of 77 and China” in Havana. “I have attended the meeting in person. According to Chinese media, in his address on this occasion, Li Shi said that the power of developing countries in the world is constantly increasing. He said that China is the biggest in the world. It is a developing country and like all developing countries we have a social worker.

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