September, 30, 2023
Government has a majority in the standing committee

Government has a majority in the standing committee

The election has been decided on May 14, and cannot go back. Attorney General informs the government about the results of the order: Court has given a deadline of April 27 for the release of funds.

Give time for negotiations: The Attorney General government will not prolong the matter of the positive thing for the first time, nor can the negotiations be used as a means of avoiding the court order: Chief Justice

ISLAMABAD (Mian Aqeel Afzal, Zaigham Naqvi) The Supreme Court dismissed the requests of the Ministry of Defense and the Election Commission as inadmissible during the hearing on the petitions to hold the elections simultaneously across the country. Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial remarked that the decision has been taken, and they cannot go back now, and if the political parties come to a stand, the court can make room. The court summoned senior leaders of major political parties today. The Chief Justice said that Mullah should give us the courage to take the right decisions and include us among the good people. May we be remembered fondly when we are gone. The matter is getting too long, the court was told that the approval will be taken after the supplementary grant, but on the contrary, the matter itself was sent to the parliament, does this happen only for action or in normal situations? The Attorney General said that the Standing Committee on Finance had issued a directive to the government. Justice Muneeb Khattar said that the government has a majority in the standing committee, so how can the government be prevented from issuing grants? The Prime Minister must have a majority in the Assembly and in financial matters, the majority of the government is mandatory. If the constitution gives the government authority, how can the assembly pass the resolution? The Attorney General stated that the subsequent approval of the grant was lenient. Justice Muneeb Akhtar raised the question of whether the government did not have a majority at the time of budgeting. What you are doing looks suspicious, how can the government’s grant be rejected by the assembly? Do you know the consequences of the rejection of the supplementary budget? The Attorney General said that the actual authority to approve the grant rests with the Parliament, Ambli had earlier given its opinion through a resolution. Justice Munib raised the question that if the government was serious, could it not have approved the supplementary grant? Please try to understand Mr. Attorney General, the matter is very serious, the Chief Justice said that you have understood our point of view. There is no instance of sending administrative matters to the Standing Committee, it is expected that the government will reconsider its decision, the government will decide or send it back to the assembly, the results of this matter may be extraordinary but at present the extraordinary results are not known. If desired, convey the court orders to the government. The government’s decision to reject the grant is against the existence of Shah Ambli, the Election Commission says that the elections cannot be held until October, it has also asked to hold the elections simultaneously, and many questions arise on the matter of the Election Commission. The basis of the observation is the lack of provision security, terrorism has continued in the country since 1992, but in the history of the country, elections were held in 1987, 199, 2008, 2002, 2013, and 2018. Security problems were also present in these elections. were very tense, Even in 2007, Benazir Bhutto was martyred, and in 2013, terrorists also killed him. Now what is the unique danger that the election cannot be held.

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