November, 30, 2023
Governor Leads Solidarity Event for Gaza Palestine in Sindh

Governor Leads Solidarity Event for Gaza Palestine in Sindh

On behalf of Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesori, candles were lit outside the Governor’s House to show solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza. Hindu, Christian, and Sikh citizens were also present in large numbers. The governor said that he thanked all the citizens for coming. Israel’s attack on the oppressed Palestinians is a war crime. Targeting refugee camps, churches and hospitals is Israel’s responsibility. The entire Pakistani nation stands with its Palestinian brothers, The international community should take notice of the barbaric behavior of the Israeli forces.

Mazloum added that the journalists present here are requested to convey this event of solidarity with the Palestinian brothers to as many people as possible. The governor said that for the Muslim Ummah. This is a test, it will not have to be united, Pakistan is suffering from economic problems, and we will not have to be united to develop the economy, all political parties should register a united protest on the issue of Palestine.

Governor Leads Solidarity Event for Gaza Palestine in Sindh


Muslim nations should reconsider support for Israel; no Muslim leaders visited Palestine, unlike American and British leaders visiting Israel

Caretaker Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed has said that the disbelief of the nation has become one, when will we adopt the form of Ummah? During this, he said that according to the Qur’an, only the people of faith will prevail over mankind as long as they are believers. British leaders arrived in Israel to assure them of their full support, asking where the Muslim faith had gone.

Today, major powers are expressing solidarity by reaching Israel, is there any other state that is the target of Israeli aggression after Gaza? He demanded that Muslim countries immediately stop giving their airspace to Israel’s commercial flights. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation should not only agree on the condemnation resolutions but should announce a common plan of action. Shabir Maithami said that it is necessary to end the petty differences and stand with the oppressed Palestinians.

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