February, 23, 2024
Hamas Claims 40 Israeli Soldier Casualties in Gaza

Hamas Claims 40 Israeli Soldier Casualties in Gaza

Infostani Sources- In the most recent clash in Gaza on Monday, seven Israeli soldiers, including four officers, lost their lives, a confirmation that came from Israel. At the same time, Hamas asserted responsibility for the deaths of 40 Israeli soldiers in their attacks. The ground operation initiated by Israel on October 27 has faced resilient opposition from Hamas.

The Israeli forces reported an increase in the death toll of their soldiers involved in the ground operation, with seven more casualties, including 14 officers, within the last 24 hours. The total count of Israeli soldiers killed in the ongoing ground operation has now reached 104. Additionally, Israeli forces stated that 133 of the injured soldiers were in critical condition.

Gaza Tensions: Hamas Reports 40 Israeli Soldiers Killed, Conflicting Reports Amidst Conflict

Hamas Claims 40 Israeli Soldier Casualties in Gaza

Conversely, Hamas claimed that they had killed 40 Israeli soldiers and successfully destroyed 44 military tanks over the past 48 hours. They asserted that they damaged military vehicles either completely or partially. The announcement also mentioned that 40 Israeli soldiers lost their lives, and numerous others sustained injuries during these attacks. To substantiate their claims, Hamas released a video of the assaults on their Telegram account.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken emphasized the importance of protecting civilians in this conflict. In an interview with an American broadcaster. He acknowledged that Israel is implementing measures to safeguard Palestinian citizens amidst the ongoing situation. The toll on both sides is taking a severe human cost, with over 1,000 confirmed cases of disabled Israeli soldiers.

The situation remains volatile, with conflicting reports from both parties involved in the conflict. The international community closely watches the developments. Efforts to mitigate civilian casualties and find a resolution to the conflict are crucial.