February, 21, 2024
Hamas Considers Ceasefire & Prisoner Swap in Gaza

Hamas Considers Ceasefire & Prisoner Swap in Gaza

Infostani International: In the latest Gaza developments, Hamas has tentatively approved a proposed humanitarian pause and potential prisoner exchange with Israel. However, conflicting reports suggest no agreement on the proposal’s framework. The situation is complex, with a three-stage plan discussed in Paris facing challenges, including Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s opposition. Ongoing violence persists, with casualties reported in the latest strikes, adding to the urgency of resolving the conflict.

Developments in Gaza-Israel Talks: Hamas Considers Humanitarian Pause and Prisoner Exchange

On Thursday, a Qatari official stated that Hamas has given its initial approval for a proposed humanitarian pause in the Gaza Strip and a prisoner exchange with Israel. However, a source close to Hamas contradicted this, asserting that there is no agreement on the proposal’s framework yet, with factions having important observations.

The source, who earlier discussed a three-stage plan in Paris, mentioned the first stage as a six-week halt to the fighting, increased aid deliveries into Gaza, and the release of “women, children, and sick men over 60” held by Gaza fighters in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Negotiations around the withdrawal of Israeli forces would also occur, with potential additional phases involving more prisoner exchanges.\

Hamas Considers Ceasefire & Prisoner Swap in Gaza

Developments in Gaza: Netanyahu Rejects Troop Withdrawal, Hamas Leader Consults on Ceasefire

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected withdrawing troops from Gaza and opposes releasing thousands of Palestinian prisoners as part of any deal. Qatar-based Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is expected in Cairo for consultations on the Paris proposals.

Qatar’s foreign ministry spokesman stated that the Paris meeting successfully consolidated ceasefire proposals, which have received initial positive confirmation from the Hamas side. Meanwhile, the Israeli army reported destroying a long-range missile launcher in Khan Yunis, with 119 people killed in the latest night of strikes in Gaza, according to the health ministry. Aid and health workers, as well as the UN, reported heavy bombardment across Gaza, particularly in Khan Yunis, with 184,000 more Palestinians registering for humanitarian assistance after fleeing their homes.