February, 22, 2024
Hamas-Israel Ceasefire Talks Amid Regional Tensions

Hamas-Israel Ceasefire Talks Amid Regional Tensions

A cease-fire was called for six months, but the final position was not reached: Hamas sources, West Bank tensions could engulf the region: King of Jordan. The United States banned 4 extremist Jews, the suspect was arrested for taking American employees hostage in Turkey, the Israeli airstrike failed: Syria. Paris, Washington, Gaza, Al-Quds, Oman, Asan Tabool, Damascus (Monitoring Desk, Agencies) Qatar says that Hamas and Israel have agreed on the exchange of prisoners and the cease-fire agreement. According to the World News Agency, Qatar has claimed that as a result of mediation by other parties including the United States, Israel and Hamas have reached a ceasefire agreement.

Ceasefire Progress: Israel, Hamas, and Qatar Nearing Agreement on Prisoner Exchange

In the meeting between the officials of Qatar, America, Egypt and Israel in France, important issues were settled and Israel has agreed to a ceasefire. In this regard, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that in this meeting held in Paris, Israel was offered a new offer to exchange Israeli Ser Ghamali and Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a ceasefire, which it accepted. Hamas has also expressed its willingness to this new offer. There is a strong possibility that the agreement will be finalized in the next few weeks.

Insights about the truce arrangement will be uncovered soon. Earlier, Israel had rejected the agreement by objecting to some points of the agreement regarding the ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners. The United States has announced sanctions against four extremist Jewish settlers who are involved in violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. US officials say that the application of sanctions against extremist Jewish settlers will be against 4 people in the first phase.

A cease-fire was called for six months, but the final position was not reached: Hamas sources, West Bank tensions could engulf the region

However, the announcement of sanctions against only 4 settlers initially appears to be merely a symbolic action. King Abdullah II of Jordan has warned that tensions in the West Bank could engulf the entire region. King Abdullah stressed during a telephone call with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau that there can be no stability in the region until the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is resolved. According to the spokesman of the Qatari Foreign Ministry, Hamas has expressed initial positive support for the proposal to stop the war in Gaza and release the Israeli prisoners.

Escalating Tensions: Ceasefire Talks, Chicago’s Call, and Ongoing Israeli Offensive in Gaza

Proposals regarding a six-week pause in the war and the release of the Yar-Ghamalis were presented to Hamas. Both sides have agreed on preliminary issues. On the other hand, Hamas sources said that no final agreement has been reached yet. No proposals have been agreed upon yet. Factions have important considerations. Qatar’s statement came in haste and is not correct. The administration of Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, also demanded a ceasefire in Gaza. The city council passed a resolution calling for a cease-fire and ensuring the delivery of aid to Gaza. The Israeli army continued its worst offensive in Gaza.

Dozens more Palestinians were martyred. After the central areas, the Israeli army started advancing towards the border area of ​​Rafah. Israeli forces withdrew from northern Gaza, it is not clear if the withdrawal is permanent or just a relocation of Israeli forces. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres once again appealed for aid in Gaza.

While protesting the Israeli bombing of Gaza, a man in Turkey entered the American company Procter & Gamble and made the employees hostage. The assailant, wearing an explosive vest and holding a gun, shouted slogans in support of Gaza. The police arrested the assailant and released Yer Ghamali. The Syrian Ministry of Defense has said that Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes on several locations south of the Syrian capital Damascus on Friday, causing financial losses. Some attack missiles were intercepted. The British news agency has confirmed that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has reduced the deployment of its senior officers in Syria due to Israel’s offensive.