February, 22, 2024
High Court Resumes Imran Khan's In-Camera Trial

High Court Resumes Imran Khan’s In-Camera Trial

Infostani International- In a recent development, the Islamabad High Court has lifted the stay on the in-camera trial of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in a code case related to an alleged undisclosed political report. The trial will resume, with witness statements set to be re-recorded as per the State Counsel’s assurance. The case involves accusations of Imran Khan not returning a document, with the PTI claiming it contained a threat from the US. The proceedings have faced legal challenges and interventions, including bail granted by the Supreme Court.

Islamabad High Court Lifts Stay on Imran Khan’s In-Camera Trial Amid Code Case Controversy

After the state counsel assured to re-record the statements of the witnesses, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) lifted its stay on the in-camera cipher trial of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday. The code case involves a political record that the Government Examination Organization’s charge sheet alleges Imran never returned. The PTI has long held that the report contained a danger from the US to remove Imran as state leader.

Last month, Equity Miangul Hasan Aurangzeb had limited the unique court from continuing against the suspects — including previous unfamiliar pastor Shah Mahmood Qureshi — till January 11, taking note that there were “lawful mistakes” for the situation. The decision resulted from Imran’s request to challenge the trial, which was being conducted at Adiala Prison. Subsequent developments included framing charges and imposing a gag order on the media.

The Special Court (Official Secrets Act) resumed the code trial last month at Adiala region prison after briefly prosecuting Imran and Qureshi in the case on December 13. The previous chief and his helper Qureshi, who is additionally in the slammer, were first prosecuted for the situation in October. Both had argued not blameworthy. The IHC had named the public authority’s notice for a prison preliminary “wrong” and scrap­ped the whole procedure.

High Court Resumes Imran Khan's In-Camera Trial
The Supreme Court granted Imran and Qureshi post-arrest bail last month.


Supreme Court Oversees Post-Arrest Bail for Imran and Qureshi; Legal Proceedings Highlighted in Equity Aurangzeb’s Consultation

The Supreme Court granted Imran and Qureshi post-arrest bail last month. While authorities hold Imran in various cases, Qureshi’s regular release faced delays as he suffered an attack and authorities arrested him again in a new case on May 9.

Today, Equity Aurangzeb managed the consultation, during which Principal Legal Officer for Pakistan Mansoor (AGP) Usman Awan showed up under the watchful eye of the adjudicator on court orders. Salman Akram Raja was available as Imran’s advice while Sikander Zulqarnain and others likewise showed up under the steady gaze of the court. The FIA looked for the administration of Equity (rtd) Hamid Ali Shah for help with the case.

During the consultation, AGP Awan informed the court that they would re-record the statements of thirteen observers, while the FIA stated that they had yet to record those of 12 others. The judge recalled that AGP had previously informed the court about keeping four declarations in-camera. He highlighted the significant difference between civil law and criminal law.

The conference

At the start of the conference, AGP Awan informed the court that he would submit ‘all official records about the case’ to the court. He reviewed that the preliminary court had made the procedures in-camera for a couple of witnesses, adding that certified copies of their assertions were available with the solicitors’ legal counselors.

AGP Awan declared, ‘We fully implemented the division bench’s order. It would be questionable if the preliminary court does not uphold its Dec 14 decision; in that case, we will record the witnesses’ statements in the future.’ He referred to excluding the coverage of the case proceedings on all established press outlets.