September, 26, 2023
Hong Kong Hit by Record-Breaking Rains

Hong Kong Hit by Record-Breaking Rains

Intense rainfall in Hong Kong and South China has led to widespread disruption, with residential areas submerged, roads washed away, and the entire transportation network, including trains, experiencing significant delays. Approximately 183 people have been transported to hospitals as a result of the deluge.

In Hong Kong, the torrential rains have caused extensive flooding in residential areas, resulting in the closure of schools, offices, and businesses. The city witnessed an astonishing 70 millimeters of rain within a single hour on Thursday, shattering a record that had stood for nearly 140 years, according to the Meteorological Department. Over the course of Thursday, Hong Kong has recorded more than 158 millimeters of rainfall, as reported by the Hong Kong Observatory.

Authorities are actively engaged in rescue operations to evacuate individuals stranded in flood-affected areas, and within the past 24 hours, 183 people have been admitted to hospitals. Landslides have also severed land routes in some areas.

Meanwhile, the neighboring southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is grappling with heavy rains and flooding. Residents in low-lying areas have been advised to stay in their homes due to the flooding risk. South Bay Guangdong, situated nearby, experienced a suspension of hundreds of flights due to adverse weather conditions, marking the worst weather event in the city since 1952.

In response to the crisis, Shenzhen is considering releasing excess water from its reservoirs, a move that Hong Kong authorities have cautioned could lead to flooding in the northern regions of Hong Kong. The Chinese Meteorological Department has issued forecasts for further heavy rainfall in the southwestern regions of the country on both Friday and Saturday.

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