February, 21, 2024
Imam Kaaba's Diplomatic Visit to Islamabad

Imam Kaaba’s Diplomatic Visit to Islamabad

Infostani Sources- Imam Kaaba Professor Dr. Sheikh Saleh bin Abdullah bin Hameed had a packed schedule during his visit to the federal capital. Engaging in fruitful discussions with Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq and Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti. Leading the Friday prayers at Faisal Mosque alongside the Prime Minister. He was joined by Federal Ministers Aniq Ahmed, Madad Ali Sindhi, and Prime Minister’s Special Representative Maulana Tahir Ashrafi. As well as Saudi Ambassador Nawaf bin Saeed Al Maliki.

Expressing gratitude, the Prime Minister extended thanks to Saudi Arabia for its unwavering support during challenging times. Particularly highlighting their contributions to the development of Pakistan’s education and health sectors. Imam Kaaba, in turn, commended the pivotal role played by the Pakistani workforce in fostering the growth and prosperity of Saudi Arabia

Unity, Spiritual Reflection, and Solidarity: Highlights of Imam Kaaba’s Visit

Imam Kaaba's Diplomatic Visit to Islamabad

Imam Kaaba, Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah bin Hameed,  expressed gratitude for the exceptional hospitality extended to him during his visit. He received a warm welcome at the residence of Interior Minister Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti. Where discussions centered on the imperative to foster unity among the Ummah. In honor of Imam Kaaba, the Interior Minister hosted a breakfast.

Subsequently, Imam Kaaba delivered the Friday sermon and led the prayer at the Faisal Mosque, reaffirming his role as a spiritual leader in the global Islamic community. During these moments, he fervently prayed for the stability and development of Pakistan. While also invoking blessings for the alleviation of hardships faced by the innocent Muslims of Gaza.

The entire visit underscored the shared commitment to solidarity within the Muslim world. With Imam Kaaba actively engaging in various events organized by the Interior Minister. The prayer session at the Faisal Mosque served as a poignant reflection of the spiritual bond that unites Muslims worldwide, emphasizing the importance of collective well-being and progress.

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