September, 22, 2023
IMF has declared Saudi Arabia as the fastest-growing economy

IMF has declared Saudi Arabia as the fastest-growing economy

Islamabad (APP, Net News) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has declared Saudi Arabia as the fastest-growing economy. The Arab media says that the IMF has declared the economy of Saudi Arabia as the fastest-growing economy among the G20 countries. According to the Arab media, the international organization has said that Saudi Arabia has made clear progress in production apart from oil. The IMF praised the government’s efforts to achieve the Vision 2030 goals and objectives. The IMF expressed satisfaction with women’s empowerment and women’s participation in the labor market, describing the Saudi labor market as excellent. The IMF says Saudi Arabia’s unemployment rate has fallen to a historic low, with Saudi Arabia’s non-oil economy expected to grow by 4.9 percent during 2023. The overall unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia has decreased to 4.8 percent by the end of 2022. According to the Saudi News Agency, the unemployment rate in the kingdom during the coronavirus epidemic was 9 percent. According to a report by the International Monetary Fund, the unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia is at the lowest level in history and Saudi Arabia was also the fastest-growing economy among the Group of 20 in 2022.

The United Nations has said that the goal of achieving gender equality by 2030

United Nations (APP) The United Nations has said that the goal of achieving gender equality by 2030, which was set by the World Organization, will be with women around the world in the fields of health, education, employment, and power. Deep-rooted differentiation has made it impossible to achieve. The report titled The Gender Snapshot 2023 by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs clearly states that the world has failed to empower women and girls. The report says that gender equality is facing opposition. Continued underinvestment in key sectors is also a major reason for this failure and the progress that was made in many sectors has gone backward. The report said that unequal access to gender and reproductive health, unequal political representation, economic disparity, and lack of legal protection are among the issues blocking the path to sustainable development. UN Under-Secretary-General Maria Francesca Spatolis-Ano, while releasing a press report at the conference, said that gender equality is becoming an increasingly distant goal. Mentioning the women living in war-torn and poor areas, he said that the progress that had been made during the last few years is now ending.

Rice prices hit a 15-year high India’s ban on rice exports is the main reason for the high prices.

Rome (Monitoring Desk) The prices of rice in the world market have reached the highest level in fifteen years. According to FAO, India’s ban on rice imports is one of the main reasons for the high global prices of this food. In July, India announced a ban on exports of white rice other than basmati. According to the news agency AFP, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says that as a result of the ban on the export of rice to India, the price of rice at the world level has reached its highest level in fifteen years. In its monthly report, FAO said that amid a slump in global food prices in August, rice prices rose 9.8 percent from July, due to India’s ban on exports of India, and white rice. This reflects the resulting trade barriers. According to FAO, uncertainty about the duration of the embargo and concerns over export restrictions have caused rice suppliers to control their stocks of the grain, contracts. To renegotiate or offer prices causes to stop. Thus most trades are restricted to small volumes.

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