September, 22, 2023
Imran Khan criticized the working of the government

Imran Khan criticized the working of the government

The head of the Middle East country said that your army chief is plotting against you, I was very surprised
So they are on the same page, and gradually the mastermind came to understand( Imran )

Shahbaz had given assurances that Nawaz Sharif did not give the extension. So the slogan against us was right. Today it has become wrong. Why would a party that wants elections chaos? ( Imran )

Lahore (Political Reporter, Monitoring Desk) Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the conspiracy against me was not from America but from Pakistan, which includes the entire PDM and Bajwa. General Bajwa brought down my government for his extension. Shehbaz Sharif had given an assurance that Nawaz Sharif did not give an extension and the matter stalled. A head of the Middle East told me a year before my government left that there is a conspiracy to topple my government. Imran Khan criticized the one-year working of the government
Released. He said that the purpose of the white paper is to describe the disaster that happened in a year, a few people in a closed room brought the country to this view of where Pakistan stood a year ago and where it stands today. The annual work is in front of everyone. It took us two years to deal with the crisis. He said that they came to us for tourism but the situation got worse again, thankfully they didn’t get a government then and the country would not have been completely destroyed today. What, then the Shahkhana case will fall on them so much? They will bring the vehicles that they have stolen, we have been blacked out from the media, and they say that we have imposed restrictions on the media. The former prime minister said that the media was free as much as during our time, never in history, since our government left, the media controlled, unknown people threatened the media owners to blackout Imran Khan. , they are so afraid of freedom of expression that restrictions were imposed on the media, raids were conducted on the houses of PTI workers, and the sanctity of the four-walled chador was violated. Imran Khan further said how can you say that Tehreek-e-Insaf spreads chaos, why would a party that wants elections to want chaos? They tried to spoil the situation and postpone the elections, whether it was a case of treason against me for calling me dirty Harry and a psycho or it is a joke of Pakistan that 144 cases were registered against a former prime minister. He said that there is an image going around the world that Pakistan is a Republican, during our time we used to listen to oil a lot, we did not buy oil from Russia but India made an agreement, making Raja Riaz the leader of the opposition and destroying the parliament. It was done, Azam Swati was tortured in front of his grandchildren, then he was beaten to death, and Shehbaz Gul and Azam Swati were beaten to death by unknown persons for tweeting. He said that even during the martial law period of Musharraf, he never saw such cruelty, but this cruelty did not stop.

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