March, 21, 2023
Imran Khan should be given

Imran Khan should be given contempt of court notice

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has asked Imran Khan to answer by week in the contempt of court case

A five-judge larger bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandyal heard the contempt petition against Imran Khan.
PTI lawyers Babar Awan and Faisal Chaudhry appeared before Supreme Court President Bar Ahsan Bhavan and said that Babar Awan and Faisal Chaudhry have submitted their reply.

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The Chief Justice said that the responses of both lawyers were likely to be applicable and would be reviewed later, after the first call at the government representative stage.

fresh Attorney General Aamir Rehman said that Imran Khan expressed his ignorance of any assurance and court order, although the assurance was given by Imran Khan, the first court order was issued on May 25 at 11 am. 18:00

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The Chief Justice said that the time between the two orders was for taking instructions but the court was not told from whom the instructions were taken if no bone
it was talked about, why wasn’t the court told. So it must be given, the court believed Babar Awan and Faisal Chaudhry, the two lawyers now said that they did not admit the instructions, how Imran Khan knew about the court order, the assurance from the PTI top leadership. was done, the top leadership of PTI starts with Imran Khan.

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The fresh attorney general argued that PTI had violated the NOC in 2014 as well, a contempt case was filed in the Supreme Court for calling Imran Khan illegal, Imran Khan apologized to the Election Commission doubly., The court showed restraint several times.
The President of the Supreme Court said that this case is different from the cases of the past.

Lawyer Ahsan Bhavan said that the court ordered the government to arrange a meeting of lawyers with Imran Khan, but the government did not arrange a meeting of lawyers with Imran Khan.

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The Chief Justice asked that if the lawyers were not told, from which side was the assurance given? Did the lawyers speak to any senior leaders, or was telephone contact established?

Lawyer Faisal Chaudhry said that when Imran Khan is on a trip, Jamer is with him, I communicated with Asad Umar and Babar Awan and informed them about the court proceedings.
The Chief Justice asked if Asad Umar was at the meeting at the time of the contact, according to the fingerprints Asad Umar was at the meeting, there were jammers, so how did you tell Asad Umar?

Faisal Chaudhry said that no court order had been issued at the time of reaching Asad Umar.

The Chief Justice said that the court order was also aired in the media, the court tried to balance it on May 25, Asad Umar could have been told in an alternate date, but it did not happen, therefore, on May 26, in the order, the court said that the trust was breached .

The Chief Justice said that if no contact could be made, why was the court not informed that the court had directed the government to assure PTI, the lawyers should have been present at the H9 site and the fire broke out by that time’ hours in the night. Chiki, should the court now ask Imran Khan what happened?

Justice Ijazul Hasan observed that the defense lawyers have not yet said that the leadership was not told, the court only trusted the lawyers on the basis of a clear assurance as to the venue, they only said H9 Ground, Tehreek-e-Insaaf. misused the injunction, the court granted protection to PTI management and employees, the government removed the obstruction of the injunction.

There was no question of coming ahead of H-Nine

The Chief Justice said not to have a car or a plane
are only defences, the court has no reason why Asad Umar could not be given an alternative date, the first order of business for the court was to ask him not to damage the property. PTI filed H-Nine plea, there was no way H-Nine would come forward, the court was misled by two lawyers, they don’t want to use their pen against the constitution, ten thousand people. Blocker, the lives of two million people cannot be made miserable, people failed in the ambulance during Faizabad, those who believe in the republic do not protest like this.

Azam Swati’s statement touched our hearts

The Chief Justice said that what happened on May 25 should not happen again. Azam Swati’s statement touched our hearts. He said his tone was hurt. The court is working really patiently in this case, otherwise, according to the material available to the court, Imran Khan should be informed and still giving him an opportunity to explain, a detailed answer should be written by Imran Khan.

The Supreme Court asked Imran Khan to reply by Saturday and said that the date of the upcoming hailstorm will be fixed on Saturday itself. The court also ordered Imran Khan’s lawyer to provide all the videos.

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