March, 21, 2023
Imran Khan was declared righteous and amin

Imran Khan was declared righteous and amin

Some wrong decisions have been made, they will come to the courts, then they will see Imran bananas, why will I count? Talked a few days ago: Interview

 Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has said that Imran Khan was not declared as Sadiq and Amin in all matters.

Lahore (Court Reporter Agencies) In a special conversation with private TV, he said that my mobile data can be hacked and used for a specific purpose, and the hackers will be ashamed. Then the interference in life comes under the category of Puri. Recently, after hearing the voice of a Bij Sahib, I also believed that he was real. I had given an open notice regarding the deadline so that whoever wants to help, Jahangir Tareen became a part of the court proceedings while Nawaz Sharif received the notice but did not join the proceedings, determined the term of nullity in the light of the constitution and law, Imran Khan was declared righteous and amin on 3 points, Akram Sheikh wrote decided on these points, Imran Khan Sadiq and Amin were proved on these three points, I gave a decision on the issue of offshore mining, Bani Gala and foreign funding, my judgment is still there, you can see I have not declared Imran Khan as completely righteous and trustworthy. A political order was given from Thara. Saqib Nisar said about Nawaz Sharif that the person who is attacking the courts today was once a favorite of the courts. Except for one case, he has always been getting relief from the courts, when I was about to become the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif used to say in various circles that his Chief Justice is coming, while Khawaja Asif said in the assembly floor that with us Oppression is happening, the next chief is coming, that’s why I separated myself from the party in the Panama case. Obstacles were put in which were thwarted, the biggest witness is the ex-Secretary of the Election Commission Babar Yaqoob, powerful people cannot decide the country. In the past, the country was run by messengers and footmen, and such decisions caused irreparable damage to the country, one who gets into the habit of begging for sustenance cannot walk with his head held high, he must have made many wrong decisions. But why do they not implement the decisions which are for the survival of this country? The biggest problem of the country is water, clean air, and a literate population, no government has implemented my decision on water and population, and the current Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial has become very close to Sufism, nowadays on judicial decisions. They are talking who have no knowledge of the law. Media plays the most important role in running and forming the government. The day a journalist starts writing, then the problems of the country will not be solved, and I will not give interviews to anyone. After my death, a book was published in which there will be revelations and facts, I will write the whole story from 1997 to the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

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