September, 30, 2023
Imran Khan's Contemplation: Jinnah House Attack

Imran Khan’s Contemplation: Jinnah House Attack

Numerous terrorists were apprehended in this location, while many others were successfully pursued and forced to flee. The leadership of PTI was implicated in these operations, with Commissioner Iftikhar Mohsin assuring cooperation. Several individuals, including Imran Ismail, Hamid Raza, and Hussain Jahanian, were among those arrested.

The assault on Jinnah House tarnished the reputation of our nation. What were the thoughts and decisions of the army chief who prevented me from assuming power? It seems he holds no personal grievances against me. As a determined captain(Imran), I am always ready to fight till the very end, whether it be on the field, during an interview, or in any conversation.

Lahore and Karachi (Report by Farid Qaiyagar, Staff Reporter at Express, News Agencies) A team led by Commissioner Lahore arrived at Zaman Park with a search warrant based on information regarding the presence of 40 troublemakers at the residence of Imran Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. After an hour and a half of discussions between Commissioner Lahore and Imran Khan, both parties exchanged their demands. The negotiation team refrained from speaking to the media on their way back, while Akhtar Mohsin, representing Imran Khan, assured full cooperation.

The details reveal that negotiations commenced between the government and Imran Khan, resulting in a thawing of tensions. The team from the administration, which arrived at Zaman Park, included Commissioner Lahore Muhammad Ali Rand Mead, Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider, D.G. Sadiq Ali Dogar, and SSP Operations Soheb Ashraf. They handed over evidence related to terrorists to the Zaman Park administration. However, Imran Khan denied the police and administration permission to conduct a search operation, maintaining his innocence. Along with the list of terrorists, Kamshaar informed Imran Khan that many terrorists were apprehended while attempting to flee, while others were chased away. Furthermore, he mentioned that 2,200 terrorists who attacked military installations on May 9 had been apprehended and handed over to the security forces. The PTI leadership was implicated in the attacks. PTI leader Fitqar Ghaman stated to the media that the government team failed to fulfill the terms of reference (TORs) agreed upon. He emphasized that they provided certain names, but nothing incriminating was found. Ghaman added that the government team’s satisfaction was welcome and they should return with a search notice if required. He also urged Kushner to remove barriers and open roads to alleviate public hardships.

On the other hand, the police reported that after the arrest of Imran Khan, 35 troublemakers who had stormed the Shadman police station were apprehended. They were identified with the assistance of closed-circuit footage and transferred to Delhi for an identification parade. The search for other suspects is ongoing. Furthermore, revelations emerged regarding the terrorists who were captured while attempting to escape from Zaman Park. According to the police, eight of these terrorists were receiving instructions from the Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership. Among the accused, Bakht Alam, a prominent worker from Mardan, hails from Shangla, while Aziz-ul-Ani from Swat receives instructions from K Piya. Ejaz Chaudhary takes instructions from Ejaz Chaudhary of Ahad al-Fitr in Akhroo, Shah Ro Ghaz, and Seeb and Misri Shah’s Kahat. Shahiyar’s Nay and Sialkot’s Big Lah were also in constant communication. The police arrested six terrorists, four of whom were soldiers, and two were involved in the attack on Jinnah Hospital.

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi assured that the Zaman Park administration would fulfill its promise to remove encroachments. He promptly ordered the end of roadblocks and instructed the district administration to restore Zaman Park to its original state, as the local residents had already endured significant hardships. In a report from Sialkot by Sabah News, it was revealed that Hamid Raza, a member of the Azad Kashmir Assembly and former Minister of Affairs, was arrested. He had come to attend his uncle’s funeral in Sialkot. In a special report from Multan, despite an order from the Supreme Court, Hussain Jahanian Gardizi was arrested again under section 16 of the MPA.

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