March, 21, 2023
Imran will have to suffer the punishment

Imran will have to suffer the punishment

The nation is looking towards the courtsWill the oil be filled by sitting quietly, Imran will have to suffer the punishment, Musharraf’s case is above God, he will win the next election on the basis of honor and respect:

Chief Organizer PML-NLAUR (Political Reporter, Khyber Agencies) Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has instructed the district presidents to start registering for Jail Bharu movement and said that this movement will give real freedom and real democracy, which will bring the rule of law. And the country will be able to get out of the quagmire, the appeal to the nation and the workers is not part of the movement. If the elections of the provincial assemblies go beyond 90 days, Jail Bharu will start the movement, the constitution is very clear in this regard, Article 6 will apply.

Maryam Nawaz

He said in a video message that Maryam Nawaz owns the most expensive properties in London, the Sharif family remained like kings in jail. I want to explain to the nation, why we have reached the point that we want to start Jail Bharu movement. all over the worldNations run under a law, the constitution decides what the law is. What is permissible and what is not permissible in the law? Ever since the imported government came, the constitution and the law have been flouted, the state and the police do not listen to the orders of the courts.

When the government was running away from holding local body elections in Islamabad, the court ordered that a month or two has passed, but the elections have not yet been held. Amen protects our basic rights, today the situation is people are picked up and tortured. How many people on social media have been picked up and tortured for only tweeting? So far, the mental balance of many has not recovered.

Register the volunteers for the movement, if it is completed in Tahar, then the date was two, Article 6 will be applied for non-commitment.

The torture that was done to Azam Swati, which constitution and law allows it to be tortured30 FIRs are registered against him at different places. The court grants bail to Sheikh Rasheed and Ho picks him up and registers more cases against him. In the case of Fawad Chaudhary, the court asked the IG four times to produce him, but he was taken to Islamabad.

Shahbaz Gul was tortured, but he did not get relief, instead, more cases were filed. They staged three sit-ins during our time, conducted long marches, who did we punish? The nation’s confidence in the constitution and law is rising. According to the constitution, elections should not be held within ninety days of the dissolution of the assemblies, but the Election Commission and the Governor are not giving the date.

We had dissolved our two assemblies keeping the constitution in frontElections can’t go beyond 90 days, if they don’t go to the polls, the country will face a major crisis which is already suffering from political instability. Until there is political order, the economy will not recover.

We sacrificed our two governments, which is 66% of the country

We sacrificed our two governments, which is 66% of the country, but it has been 20 to 25 days, the date is not yet available, it is a violation of the constitution, if it goes beyond 90 days, the constitution is clear, Article 6. Ghe will. The nation is looking towards the courts, the time has come for what is called the Justice Munir movement, after which our nation started its journey towards degradation, at that time it was told to look at the constitution by force.

Now the time has changed, if we go ahead of the time given in the constitution, then we have planned that we will fill the jail for justice movement.We will start because we see something ahead. One way is, we vandalize, which will cause chaos, block the roads, stone pelting, wheel jam strike but the economic situation is already very bad. His peddlers were told clearly that they will not take over the government.

The life of common people has become difficult due to inflation

The life of common people has become difficult due to inflation, unemployment is increasing. We have decided to protest peacefully. I say to the workers and people, you are not doing politics, you are doing Jihad, you are fighting for real freedom. Those who start two registrations in the district presidents, we will start Tel Bharu Tehreek in every city.

Register the volunteers, when the lists are complete, I will give the date on which day the movement will be started, this announcement will be made in a few days, so the volunteersCome forward soon, appeal to the nation and the workers to be a part of the jail filling movement.

Imran Khan tweeted to condemn the blocking of the Punjab Health

Imran Khan tweeted to condemn the blocking of the Punjab Health Card Scheme which was a boon for the vast majority of people in the environment of life-threatening inflation. Due to this project, the department was going through the process of establishing hospitals in villages. The project was praised by global magazine Lelist, but the end of the project reflected the stock security of both family parties.

Imran Khan further said that we express our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to our brothers in Turkey, Syria and Lebanon for the loss of precious lives in the disasters of Lisle, we are ready for all kinds of help and support. Imran Khan said in a condolence statement on the death of former President General (retd) Pervez MusharrafAnd sympathies are with his family.

May Allah give them the strength and ability to bear the burden of this trauma.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the parliamentary party of Lahore was held under the chairmanship of Imran Khan, in which every,Three candidates were evaluated in national and provincial constituencies.The final decision will be taken by Imran Khan himself. Lahore, Multan (own staff reporter, agencies from own reporter) Muslim League (N) Chief Organizer Maryam Nawaz has said that Imran Khan’s Jail Bharu movement should start with Zaman Park and Imran Khan, we are waiting. That this prison is filled, we are sitting with our eyes closed.

While talking to the media in Multan, he said that these jails will be filled by six sons and they have put women on the front line.has happened If it comes out on its own, the law will take its course. Imran Khan was punished for the crimes he committed. Shaa Allah, Rana was jailed for six years with a fake Muqd, Imran Khan has not even been arrested in Italy yet.

Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif was expelled on an iqama in 2017, during the Panama case, Pani Din was in court. Evidence of illegal money against Imran Khan is full, he does not appear in the court even in the infamous Zamana case. Did Nawaz Sharif or Maryam get such a facility, everyone knows that the cases were false, revenge was taken from us. We realize that the country is in a difficult situation, we will not make false promises, we will not give false consolations, we will fulfill our promises. Taking practical steps to reduce inflation.

Imran GovtLast ten years KP kept its doors open for terrorists. For this reason, now terrorists are carrying out explosions across the country on a random basis. Pervez Musharraf has passed away, his case is now in the hands of Allah, there are casters on the evidence of PTI leadership in the courts, they get bail. This facility was not available to us, Imran Khan cannot call action on his crimes as political revenge, justice will be done.

Shah Mahmood is very worried about PML-N these days. Javed Hashmi is a proud asset of the party, will benefit from his experience. Inflation has always been reduced during the PML-N period. Fitna made such agreements due to which today things are becoming expensive. What M. Pop and Khosa did against the elected Prime Minister has harmed the country.

Political stability will bring economic stability

Before the 2018 elections, the people were deceived by making South Punjab province a front. When we come to power, we will give full rights to this region and will also make progress to create a separate province. Political stability cannot come until the field of politics is not cleansed of fitnah. Be it general elections or by-electionsBe prepared.

It is our compulsion to accept the evil of IMF, even if we want to give relief, we cannot give relief to the people, it will take some time to fix the ruined economy. Maryam Nawaz while addressing the social media said that she is already working on all the segments of the social media. Maryam Nawaz met with Arakan national and provincial Ameli, ticket holders and party officials from Multan Dwayman and discussed with them the preparations for the election.

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