March, 21, 2023
In Hyderabad, PPP won 726 seats

PPP won 726 seats , In Hyderabad|| Imran’s desire is to merge QL into PTI

29 seats of PP in Malir Karachi, candidates were declared successful in many seats,PPP, celebration of winning candidates, supporters, distribution of sweets, aerial firing

Karachi, Hyderabad (Staff Reporter, Representatives, Monitoring Desk, Agencies) The People’s Party won the local elections in Hyderabad and Sindh and swept many cities. The election results in Karachi were unusually delayed, but the People’s Party was ahead till late night. In Badin, Thatta, Sajawal, Ma Tali, Matiari, Sihon, Hala and other areas,PPP, PP candidates won with huge majority. After the announcement of the results, the winning candidates and their supporters celebrated, distributed sweets, and there were incidents of firing in the air.

In Karachi, People’s Party won 29 seats in Malir district. PPP has won 29 seats of Union Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman in Gadap, Malir and Ibrahim Hydari. Chair in HyderabadThe People’s Party got a clear advantage on the seats of the main and vice-chairman, while Tehreek-e-Insaf managed to make a place on the second place. Elections were held on Sunday for 123 of the total 160 union committees in nine towns of Hyderabad district.

According to the unofficial and inconclusive results till late night in Hyderabad division, PPP won 726 seats, independent candidates won 56 seats, Tehreek-e-Insaf won 11 seats, GDA won 11 seats, Jamaat-e-Islami won 10 seats and JUI won 5 seats. of Out of the 19 seats of Tando Muhammad Khan Municipal Committee, the People’s Party won 15 seats, Sindh Progressive Party and GDA won one seat each while Azad Omidwar won two seats. A municipal, 6 town across Matiari districtPeople’s Party candidates won majority on committees and 30 union councils.

PPP candidates were successful in 16 wards of Municipal Committee Bala

while 4 wards of Town Committee Bhat Shah were won by PPP while independent candidates were successful in 2 wards. Town Committee Matiari field was won by GDA, 4 candidates of GDA were successful, while Town Committee Kh Bibar’s Midar Yabar Kamidan was also in the name of People’s Party, 2 People’s Party hopefuls and one JUI candidate were successful. Admeer Vilal committee was also nominated by PPP and PPP candidates were successful in all three wards.

In town committee Saeedabad, PPP also nominated 5 wards out of 16 wards and GDA candidate was successful in one ward while Town Committee.In Committee Hala Old also, PPP won 5 out of 6 wards and the PML-N candidate was successful. According to the unofficial unofficial results in 120 seats in Thatta, the People’s Party got a huge majority. 9 Wards of Municipal Committee Thatta, 7 Wards of Town Committee Mukli, 8 Wards of Gharo, 2 Wards of Ghoda Bari and 3 Wards of Garho have been swept clean by PP, while a major political upset has come out on Mirpur Saker and Town.

The PP candidates have been defeated in all the PP Wards while the PP candidate has been successful in only one ward. Out of the forty seats of the District Council, 20 candidates of PP have won unopposed while PP has won 10 seats out of 20. Town Committee of Jamshwar and DistrictBut the candidate of Sindh United Party was successful. In 90 seats of Sajawal, the candidates of People’s Party won with a majority. People’s Party also fought in Badin.

In municipal committee Badin, PPP won ten out of 14 wards

GDA Mirza Group won one, Tehreek-e-Insaaf won one and in the election of councilors of 12 wards of Matali Municipal Committee, PPP won eleven and independent candidates won one.has achieved success. In the 10 town committees of Badin district, all the hopefuls of Town Committee Tando Ghulam Ali have been elected unopposed, while Mirza GDA has won two of the 4 wards of Kadhan town committee of Badin district.

PPP has won one, and an independent candidate has won one.won 2 ward of Nandu Town Committee, PPP won 5 out of 6 in Golar Chi Town, GDA Mirza Group won 1 ward, GDA Mirza Group won 6 ward of Kadio Ghanoor Town, PPP candidate won 11 in Talhar Town. But the PPP is on one side and the 4th ward of Raju Khanani town is heavily contested by the PPP. PPP won all the wards of Sehun Sharif, Badin and Thatta.

PTI will be strengthened by our coming, Shujaat Zardari meeting will not do anything, it is spent cartridges, Shehbaz will not get confidence vote: Chief Minister’s talk to the media

They will be strengthened, the problems are for us, their leadership is intact in the form of Imran, regarding the meeting with Shujaat Zardari, Pervez Elahi said that nothing will come of it. The decision to do this was deliberate, that’s why the PML-N and the coalition parties are worried and are running away. Shahbaz Sharif could not sleep even after taking sleeping pills after Imran Khan’s statement. Apart from this, Parvaiz Elahi inaugurated Pakistan’s first Khatam-ul-Nabieen University in Lahore and laid the foundation stone of Jama Masjid Khatam-ul-Nabieen. On this occasion, the Chief Minister said in a conversation with the journalists that the PML-G will suffer a terrible defeat in the election, the PML-G will face the same fate as the PP in the general elections, Shehbaz said.Sharif becomes very clever and smart and waits for unseen help, but now it has been exposed, Shahbaz Sharif will hide his face after the election, we gave a surprise to PML-N in the vote of confidence, now President Alvi gives him confidence. If they ask for the vote of K, then they will be red-faced, Imran Khan has done away with Shahbaz Sharif, now he will have to take the vote of confidence, which he will not get, Imran Khan is a good man, he has the passion to improve the country. The youth are with Imran Khan, Imran Khan’s hard work and political acumen are paying off, the nation is united under the leadership of Imran Khan, he only fulfilled his promise to Imran Khan, Shehbaz Sharif will not get votes, there is a split in PDM. Chucky, MQMP is not with PDM, Rana Sana is now a team of liarsNawaz Sharif has to take his class. It is seen that the price of flour is coming down rapidly as wheat is extracted and brought into the market. Meanwhile, the 12th meeting of the Public Private Partnership and Monitoring Board was held under the chairmanship of Viz Elahi, in which the Chief Minister approved the construction project of Multan Vehari-Durvia road. Parvez Elahi said that in the first phase, a 39-kilometer road will be constructed from Multan to Shaba Sultanpur, and a 47-kilometer road from Taba Sultanpur to Wahari will be constructed in the second phase. Faisalabad in the meetingChiniot, Sargodha Darvia road construction project, revised environmental and social management system were also approved. In the meeting, the decisions of the 11th meeting of the Public Private Partnership and Monitoring Board were ratified. On the other hand, Parvez Elahi was met by the delegation of Bar Association Mandi Bahauddin in the Chief Minister’s Office. The Chief Minister gave checks of grant-in-aid of Rs. The Chief Minister gave Rs 1 crore to District Bar Association Mandi Bahauddin President Zahoor Ahmed Gondal, Tehsil Malikwal Bar Association Secretary Tree Dilawar Hussain Gondal Rs 50 Lakhs, Tehsil Phalia Bar Association President Sajid Mehmood Waraich to Advocate Ehsanullah Waraich. Received a grant check of Rs 50 lakh from the Chief Minister.

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