September, 30, 2023
India Fines Company 1 Lakh for Single Missing Biscuit

India Fines Company 1 Lakh for Single Missing Biscuit

Chennai (Monitoring Desk) In India, the court fined the company one lakh rupees for one biscuit missing in the packet. According to a foreign media report, the Consumer Court of Tamil Nadu (India) issued a decision on the application filed by Vali Babu, a resident of the Indian city of Chennai. The report stated that in December 2021, Dilli Babu purchased 24 packets of biscuits from a reputed company from a local retail store in India. However, later when he went home and opened the packet, there were 15 biscuits in a biscuit packet of this company whereas the company claims to give 16 biscuits in each packet of this product. Seeing this, Dilli Babu immediately contacted first the retail store and then the company for an explanation.

Tosha Khana fake receipts: Extension of interim bail of Bushra Bibi, arrest of the accused is required: Request for respite for voice matching by the investigating officer is granted.

Islamabad (News Reporter, APP) Additional Sessions Judge Tahir Supra has extended the interim bail of former First Lady Bushra Bibi till September 12 in the case related to Shahkhana’s fake receipts. Bushra Bibi appeared in court with her lawyers, The stand taken by the investigating officer was that the arrest of Bushra Bibi was required in the case, and her audio had been sent to FIA for forensics, The lawyer said that the investigating officer three They kept him sitting for three hours, even during the investigation, he was told that the audio is not of Bushra Bibi, the matter is about the receipts, so where did the audio come from? The court said to proceed with the case according to the FIR, The investigation officer said that the voice matching of Bushra Bibi should be done for which some time should be given, Bushra asked Bibi for the audio leak, and he said. Said I didn’t do anything wrong, leak audio is not mine. The court accepted the request of the investigating officer and adjourned the hearing till September 12.

Britain’s second-largest city declared bankruptcy

London (Net News) Britain’s second largest city has declared itself bankrupt and announced to cut unnecessary expenses. Birmingham City Council issued a notice under section 114 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988 on September 5 to freeze expenditures other than essential services. This city council provides services to more than 10 lakh people and according to the notice filed by it, equal pay.
It faces a deficit of $81.6 million to $95.4 million in payables.

1900-year-old 4 swords discovered in Israel

Tel Aviv (APP) Four 1900-year-old swords have been discovered in an ancient cave in the desert region of Israel. According to the British news agency, archaeologists believe that these swords are Jewish booty that was raised against the Roman rulers. The Israel Antiquities Authority has stated that 3 of these swords are reminiscent of Roman-era spa tha swords, and the handle of the fourth sword is from a specific period.

G20 countries agree to grant permanent member status to the African Union

BRUSSELS (APP) G20 countries have agreed to grant permanent member status to the African Union. Bloomberg news agency quoted sources as saying that the G20 member states have agreed to give the status of a permanent member to the African Union. The announcement is expected during the G20 summit in India on September 9 and 10. The agency says that the African Union will have the same status as the European Union.

Mexico: Abortion is decriminalized. Legal system punishing abortion in Federal Criminal Code unconstitutional: Court

Mexico City (Net News) In Mexico, the court annulled the government’s order and declared abortion as a constitutionally non-criminal act. According to a foreign news agency, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that abortion is federally illegal, saying that the current ban on this procedure is unconstitutional. In a statement released on social media, the Mexican court said that the legal system punishing abortion in the federal criminal code is unconstitutional because it violates the human rights of women who are capable of becoming pregnant. is declared. The court ruled that no raped girl can be forced to become a mother, neither by the state, nor by her parents, nor by her guardian. Abortion is already criminalized in 12 Mexican states, while the new decree now legalizes abortion in all 32 states. In its ruling, the Mexican court said the criminalization of abortion in 2021 was unconstitutional, threatening the state with up to three years in prison and fines for women who undergo abortions in Huayla. It should be noted that earlier in Mexico there was a 3-year sentence for having an abortion. In 2007, Mexico City became the first state in the country to criminalize abortion, followed by dozens of other states.

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