February, 23, 2024
India Tops Asia in Corruption: Transparency Report

India Tops Asia in Corruption: Transparency Report

Infostani Sources- India has earned the dubious distinction of being labeled the most corrupt country in Asia, according to Transparency International’s recent study, revealing a staggering bribery rate of 69 percent. In contrast, Japan emerges as the paragon of integrity with a mere 0.2 percent bribery rate, securing its position as the least corrupt country in the region, as per the Berlin-based anti-corruption non-governmental organization’s findings.

The Transparency International report delves into the pervasive issue of corruption in the Asia-Pacific region. Engaging with approximately 22,000 individuals across 16 countries to gauge the extent of corrupt practices. Shockingly, India fares worse than Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar in this ignominious ranking. The study unveils a disconcerting reality where seven out of ten people admit to having paid bribes to access essential public services.

The research spotlights the education and public health sectors in India as particularly vulnerable to corrupt practices. With bribery rates soaring to 58 and 59 percent, respectively. This alarming statistic underscores the challenges faced by citizens seeking access to fundamental services. As corruption becomes an impediment to education and healthcare.

Corruption Rankings: India Leads, Vietnam Second, Thailand Third – Urgent Action Needed

India Tops Asia in Corruption: Transparency Report

Vietnam follows closely behind India in the rankings, securing the unenviable second position with a bribery rate of 65 percent. While Thailand clinches the third spot with a 41 percent extortion rate. The report sheds light on the belief among Indian citizens that both the central government in New Delhi and state governments are undertaking measures to curb corruption. However, the report also underscores the disproportionate impact of corruption on the marginalized sections of society. Emphasizing how the scourge of corruption disproportionately affects the less privileged.

In essence, Transparency International’s comprehensive study underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts to address this. As well as rectify the deep-rooted issue of corruption. Particularly within key sectors that impact the lives of its citizens.

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