February, 23, 2024
International Outcry: Biden Approves Tank Shells for Israel

International Outcry: Biden Approves Tank Shells for Israel

Infostani Sources- International Concerns Rise as US President Joe Biden, using his emergency powers, has approved the sale of an additional 14,000 tank shells to Israel without seeking congressional approval. The Department of State communicated the $10.65 million sale to the US Congress. This decision came after the United Arab Emirates blocked a resolution in the United Nations Security Council calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Ongoing Israeli military operations in Gaza and nearby areas have resulted in over 18,000 casualties, with 297 reported deaths and more than 550 injuries in the last 24 hours alone. The Gaza Ministry of Health’s spokesperson, Ashraf al-Qadara, provided these figures in a telephone interview with Al Jazeera. Hamas’s strong resistance against Israeli ground operations has resulted in casualties. Including the military son and nephew of Israel’s former army chief and the current minister of war affairs.

In a ground operation in the southern Gaza Strip. Israeli tanks reached the center of Khan Yunis, facing heavy fighting and airstrikes. The city’s residents reported continuous bombardment after Israeli tanks reached the main north-south road.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reached out to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by phone, expressing support for a ceasefire. President Putin emphasized that the civilian casualties and the impact of the military operation in Gaza are unacceptable and affect regional peace. In response to the situation, the Houthis declared a ban on ships carrying aid to Israel. Asserting control over the flow of humanitarian assistance.

Amid pressure to address pro-Palestinian sentiments on university campuses. University of Pennsylvania President Liz Beth McGill and Board of Trustees Chairman Scott Buck resigned.

International organizations must make serious efforts and remain committed to achieving a ceasefire in Gaza, as stated by the UN Security Council.

International Outcry: Biden Approves Tank Shells for Israel

On Sunday, Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad al-Tabiyya called for international sanctions against Israel. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced his withdrawal from efforts to secure a Gaza ceasefire. Acknowledging the Security Council’s paralysis due to geopolitical divisions. World leaders and diplomats discussed contemporary global challenges on the opening day of the Doha Global Forum in Qatar.

The focus of this year’s forum was the Gaza war. Al-Thani, in his address. Emphasized peace efforts in Gaza and proposed imposing sanctions on Israel if it continues to disregard international laws. He received applause from the audience when asserting that Israel must be held accountable for violating international human rights and laws. Guterres acknowledged the Security Council’s damaged reputation after the failure to pass the Gaza ceasefire resolution. Expressing the urgent need for global institutions to address challenges like the Gaza war more effectively.

Despite challenges, he affirmed his commitment to achieving a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. Qatar, despite being a small state, has played a significant role as a mediator in past disputes, going beyond its size in contributing to conflict resolution.