September, 27, 2023
Islamabad High Court on the application of video link

Islamabad High Court on the application of video link

The nation has known me for 50 years, I have not broken a single law, they will take action on Eid: Imran, we have heard this many times, speak new things, give the nation a plan for the future, Justice Baqir Najaqi. (Islamabad High Court)

The decision in Islamabad High Court on the application of video link appearance, bailable warrant issued in the Mahfu la Anna threat case, and an extension of interim bail in the Sangjani police station case.

LAHORE, ISLAMABAD (Course Rodar, News Reporter, APP’s Hoorah E-Court headed by Justice Ali Baqer Najafi has protested against the petition filed against Zaman Park police operation to stop the registration of the same type of cases. While pronouncing the verdict, the police were stopped from illegally harassing the former teacher Imran Khan. The further hearing will be held on May 2. The bench headed by Justice Ali Baqer Najafi heard the application. Imran Khan’s lawyer gave arguments and said that the police and aircraft machinery are also included in the case filed against Imran Khan. being used, Justice Ali Baqir Majiti remarked that we have reviewed the application and we do not see anything urgent in it. Please support us on this point tomorrow. Justice Ali Baqir Najafi remarked that in the recent past. We have seen a very sad situation outside Zaman Park, Imran Khan’s lawyer has taken the stand that the far superior sent this case to a larger bench, one case after another is being registered against Imran Khan, in Punjab against Imran Khan. 80 cases have been registered, courts can look at the misuse of police powers, we want court intervention in this case too, the court remarked that today we are only a miscellaneous petition, a miscellaneous petition to hear the main petition. Ordinarily is good, Lawyer Imran Khan further argued that Imran Khan has been granted bail in all the cases to date, we have information that there may be an operation during the Eid holidays, we request the court to give us relief for five days because the courts and The doors of justice will be closed. Justice Ali Baqir Najafi said, “Do the doors of justice never close?” No, the legal bodies do their work, there is no such operation plan as of now. The court inquired whether the public advocate has reviewed the application, the public advocate was of the view that the petitioner is asking for Esar Yalif which is based only on concerns, the law should be equal for all, Justice Tariq Saleem Shaikh inquired whether you Assuring that you will not take action in all the registered cases, Justice Ali Baqir Najafi inquired whether you will let them celebrate Eid at home or not. If any evidence comes to light, law enforcement agencies will take action, Justice Salia Neelum remarked that if the petitioners are on bail, then you cannot touch them. Justice Anwar-ul-Haq Piya inquired for how many days the IT was constituted, whether the JIT should conduct the investigation during the Eid holidays and whether the JIT officers did not go on the Eid holidays, the public prosecutor said Altaf. Hussain’s Karachi is being built in Lahore as well, an area has been demarcated, should the law enforcement agencies not do their job, the government lawyer further said that we will work according to the law.

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