November, 29, 2023
Israel-Hamas War: US Middle East Visit Falters

Israel-Hamas War: US Middle East Visit Falters

Infostani Sources-After the Israel-Hamas war, the US Secretary of State’s visit to the Middle East was unsuccessful, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordanian authorities rejected the US demand, and US Secretary of State Anthony Lincoln faced defeat in his visit to Saudi Arabia. Yesterday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh. According to the Washington Post, the Saudi Crown Prince first waited for hours to meet with the American Foreign Minister on Saturday and then met him on Sunday morning.

In the meeting, the Saudi Crown Prince put all his emphasis on stopping the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza. According to the Washington Post, the Saudi Crown Prince gave a strong message on the situation in Israel and Palestine and called for an end to the military operation in Gaza and an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza. The Saudi Crown Prince said that innocent Palestinians are being killed in Israeli attacks, and Israel should end the siege of Gaza, and restore water, electricity, and fuel supply to Gaza.

After the meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince, the US Secretary of State went to Egypt and Jordan where they discussed the Israel-Palestine issue. Now he has come down to collective punishment, The US Secretary of State arrived in Jordan after meeting with the Egyptian president, where he met with senior Jordanian officials.

Israel-Hamas War: US Middle East Visit Falters

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: WHO Warns of Imminent Tragedy, Lumbia Expels Israeli Ambassador

The regional head of the World Health Organization has said that only 24 hours of water, electricity, and fuel have been left in the Gaza Strip. To avoid a humanitarian tragedy, the World Health Organization Regional Director Ahmad al-Mand Hari said that if aid is not allowed in the besieged region, doctors will have to issue death certificates for patients, according to AFP. Ko Lumbia ordered the Israeli ambassador to leave the country over war with Hamas South American country Lumbia on Monday ordered the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador after Coleman President Gustavo Pietro’s statement against Israel.

In which President Coleman compared the Israeli attacks on Gaza with Nazi persecution, the Israeli ambassador to Columbia criticized the Colombian president’s statement, to which the Colombian foreign minister said that the Israeli ambassador should apologize to our country for 2750. They should leave, meanwhile, Palestinians, including children, have been martyred in the Israeli bombing of Gaza. On the other hand, US President Joe Biden has said that re-sieging Gaza will be a big mistake by Israel.

The number of martyred Palestinians reached 2750, including 1030 children, while 9 thousand 700 people were injured and 300,000 people were displaced in the Israeli bombardment on Gaza. On the other hand, the number of Israeli casualties in the Hamas’ Al-Aqsa operation has reached 1400, and 4000 are injured.

Escalating Tensions in Gaza: Biden Warns Against Israeli Siege, Hamas Policies Criticized

The United Nations has said that three hundred thousand Palestinians have been displaced from Gaza and have taken shelter in camps due to the ongoing bombing of Gaza. US President Biden said in an interview with an American channel that if Israel besieges Gaza again, it will be a big mistake. Hamas has said that Israel has not restored water supplies to the Gaza Strip despite its promise, while Israeli officials have responded that little water is being supplied to the southern region. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke on the phone with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and said that the policies and actions of Hamas do not represent the Palestinian people.

After Israel bombed Gaza, during the five-hour cease-fire, Egypt and Gaza were afraid of the sting. A 6-year-old Palestinian hired boy was killed by indiscriminate stabbing and his mother was injured. Police arrested the 71-year-old attacker on charges including hate crime, among other charges. More than 100 people were arrested at a pro-Palestine protest in New Delhi, the BBC has defended its decision not to label Hamas a terrorist group.

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