February, 22, 2024
Israel-Palestine Crisis: Hospitals, Hunger, Global Responses

Israel-Palestine Crisis: Hospitals, Hunger, Global Responses

Infostani Sources- On the 67th day of the conflict between Israel and Palestinian factions. The Health Ministry in Gaza reported that Israeli forces had forcibly entered the Kamal Adwan Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. Spokesman Ashraf al-Qadara conveyed in a statement on Tuesday, according to AFP. Israeli forces besieged and bombarded the hospital for several days before the intrusion. Al-Qadara added that they gathered men. Including medical staff, in the hospital courtyard, expressing fear that they could face arrest or harm.

Dr. Zod Out Borders described the situation at Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza as extremely disastrous in a statement. They said other medical facilities would repeat the same disastrous scenario witnessed at al-Shafa Hospital. Ten female volunteers from the United Arab Emirates joined the field hospital. During a visit to Gaza, the Palestinian foreign minister criticized Israel for using hunger as a weapon in its war against the nearly one million people in Gaza. He also condemned the international community’s failure to secure legitimate rights for Palestinians.

Gaza Hunger Crisis, Israel Military Acknowledges Friendly Fire, Global Reactions, and Protests

Israel-Palestine Crisis: Hospitals, Hunger, Global Responses

Reports from AFP and Reuters indicate that the United Nations World Food Organization claims severe hunger affects half of Gaza’s 2.3 million population, alleging that Israel denies food to the people of Gaza. On Tuesday, the military also acknowledged that friendly fire caused the death of over 10 percent of its soldiers in Gaza. They claimed that most of the soldiers killed in Gaza were the result of friendly fire. With many others being accidental. A spokesperson for the US State Department emphasized the expectation for countries receiving weapons from the US to use them by the laws of war.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir Abdul Lahyan. Discussing the situation in Gaza and bilateral relations. Outside the US Senate building, demonstrators voiced their support for a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Gaza. Demonstrators outside the US Senate building urged the government to prioritize internal issues like housing and children. They urged directing funds toward domestic needs rather than supplying arms to Israel. Police arrested 51 people during the demonstration.

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