February, 23, 2024
Israeli Aggression: 50+ Palestinians Killed in Gaza Schools

Israeli Aggression: 50+ Palestinians Killed in Gaza Schools

Infostani Sources- Once again, the Israeli army is continuing its aggression on Gaza, causing the death of over 50 Palestinian refugees in the bombardment of two schools in northern Gaza. Foreign media reports indicate that Israeli planes attacked two schools in the al-Darj area of northern Gaza, resulting in the death of more than 50 Palestinian refugees and leaving hundreds injured. Homeless Palestinians had sought shelter in these schools. The report also states that the Israeli army bombed Palestinian shelters, schools, commercial properties, and residential buildings in Beit Lahiya, Khan Yunis, Shujaiya, and Rafah. Additionally, the Zionist forces demolished the Supreme Court building in Gaza and targeted hospitals and ambulances.

The Israeli army has escalated attacks in Gaza, resulting in over 800 Palestinian casualties in two days. The total death toll from Israeli bombardment has now reached 16 thousand. With hundreds of Hamas members reportedly killed in 24 hours. Israel claimed to target bases and severed main fiber routes, suspending landline, mobile, and internet services in Gaza. The UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs reported. Central and northern Gaza have been cut off from the south, disrupting essential aid.

Israeli Actions: Gaza Tunnels, EU Concerns, and Iran’s UN Statement

Israeli Aggression: 50+ Palestinians Killed in Gaza Schools

According to the US newspaper Wall Street General. Israel has completed preparations to fill Hamas’s underground tunnels in Gaza with seawater. They laid large pipes to enable the flow of thousands of cubic meters of seawater per hour into the tunnels. The 44th head of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Doha accused Israel of violating international law in Gaza.

In Brussels, at the meeting of the European Union’s interior ministers, European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Ylvaio Hanson stated. The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has led to polarization in European societies, posing a threat of terrorist attacks during the holidays. On Tuesday, at the United Nations, Amir Saeed Erwani, Iran’s envoy. Stated that Iran is not actively participating in any action or attack against US forces. Authorities have frozen Sanwar’s assets for six months.

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