February, 23, 2024
Israeli Airstrikes: Gaza Tragedy, Ongoing Conflict

Israeli Airstrikes: Gaza Tragedy, Ongoing Conflict

Infostani International- Nusirat camp hosts 35 people, while Al-Qusa University camp accommodates 20 individuals. Unfortunately, 10 members of the house in Al-Maghazi lost their lives. The total number of martyrdoms stands at 21 thousand. Hamas launched 20 rockets actively, and Saudi aid dispatched 16 more trucks. Additionally, authorities have accounted for 978 individuals. In Istanbul, thousands of people took to the streets in protest against Israeli actions.



Israeli Airstrikes: Tragic Start to New Year, 120 Palestinian Lives Lost

With the start of the new year, the Israeli army announced the activation of sirens in central Israel. On the first day of the new year, the Israeli army conducted airstrikes on Palestinians, resulting in the martyrdom of 120 more individuals, including children and women, according to foreign news reports. Media sources indicate that Israeli aircraft continued to target civilians in Gaza’s Zaytoun area throughout the night.

Drones hit residential buildings in Maghazi camp, resulting in the martyrdom of 35 people. Another foreign media report states that 148 people lost their lives on Sunday night due to the intense bombardment by the Israeli army on Gaza City. Afterward, an attack at the Al-Qusa University refugee camp west of Gaza City claimed the lives of an additional 20 Palestinians.

Israeli Airstrikes: Gaza Tragedy, Ongoing Conflict
Gaza evacuation now urgent’, says Israel amid war with Hamas

Gaza Strife: Airstrikes, Casualties, and Ongoing Tensions

Arab media reports that Israeli warplanes struck Al-Maghazi and Al-Tij areas in the middle of Gaza, resulting in the martyrdom of 10 people from the same house. Israel also bombarded the village of al-Maghraqa, a suburb of Gaza City, claiming six lives. Furthermore, an airstrike on a house in Khan Yunis claimed the life of one person. The total number of Palestinian casualties has now reached 21,978. In response, Hamas fired 20 rockets on different areas of Israel, triggering sirens in those regions. Sixteen trucks have been dispatched to Gaza.

The Israeli army has declared its intention to continue the Gaza war throughout the entire year of 2024. Thousands of people in Istanbul demonstrated against Israel. Hamas reiterated its call for Palestinians to leave the enclave to allow for Israel’s development, a statement Hamas has labeled as a war crime.

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