November, 29, 2023
Israeli Forces Raid Gaza Hospital, Sparks Outcry

Israeli Forces Raid Gaza Hospital, Sparks Outcry

Infostani Sources- Israeli soldiers, as reported on Wednesday, entered Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shafa Hospital, searching its rooms for 20 minutes. Subsequently, they entered the hospital, banging on its entrance doors. Israeli forces targeted the hospital, claiming it houses Hamas’ headquarters and has tunnels beneath it. However, during the occupation, they did not find any underground tunnel or locate the alleged Hamas headquarters. No Israeli soldiers found any evidence in the hospital, and they took the individuals to the premises, stripped off their clothes, and took them along.

Israeli forces aggressively entered the hospital, systematically conducting searches in the basement and other wards. Simultaneously, they detonated the medicine warehouse located in the basement. Consequently, Gaza authorities reported that the siege imposed by Israeli forces in recent days led to the tragic death of several newborn babies at the hospital. Dr. Ahmed Al-Mukht Ali, a surgeon at Al-Shafa Hospital, provided this distressing information.  Informed Reuters by phone that the hospital staff had sought refuge in undisclosed locations when the clashes erupted at night.

Eyewitnesses observed the entry of six Israeli tanks and over a hundred Israeli soldiers into the hospital. The Hamas Health Ministry stated that the current occupants of the hospital include 2,300 individuals, comprising 650 patients, 200 to 500 staff, and 1,500 civilians.

Accusations, Withdrawals, and International Actions Amidst Gaza Crisis

Israeli Forces Raid Gaza Hospital, Sparks Outcry

Hamas accused US President Joe Biden of being responsible for the siege of al-Shafa Hospital and the Israeli attack. According to Hamas, Israel carried out this action with the approval of the United States. Falsely alleging that the hospital was being used for military purposes. However, the Israeli army has withdrawn its claim that Hamas was holding some place Ghamalites in the basement of the hospital after conducting a raid, search operation, and the martyrdom of several individuals at al-Shafa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. As stated in an Israeli Army Radio broadcast. The army stated that there are no indications of the presence of prisoners in the mentioned compound.

Human Rights Watch stated that Israel has not presented any evidence supporting the claim that Hamas utilizes medical facilities. Also hospitals in the Gaza Strip for military purposes. During his address to the parliament. Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for the international community to declare Israel a terrorist country due to the alleged genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. Hamas, elected by the Palestinian people as their representative in the elections, is the political party in question. The United States is discreetly increasing arms transfers to Israel.

Legal Action Against Biden, Diplomatic Ties Severed, and Gaza Hospitals Struggle Amid Ongoing Israeli Aggression

US human rights organization has taken legal action against President Joe Biden and two members of his cabinet. Accusing them of complicity and failure to halt the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza. This is in response to Israel’s ongoing aggression against Gaza. Additionally, Belize has cut diplomatic ties with Israel, and Turkey has brought Prime Minister Netanyahu, three former members of parliament from the ruling Justice and Development Party, and the International Court of Justice in Istanbul to the International Criminal Court. The United Nations has reported that only Al-Ali Hospital remains operational in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, with all other hospitals closed due to shortages of electricity, medical supplies, oxygen, food, and water.

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