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Israeli Strikes in Gaza: Ceasefire Talks, Rising Casualties

Israeli Strikes in Gaza: Ceasefire Talks, Rising Casualties

Infostani Sources- On the 46th day of the Israeli bombardment in Gaza, the grandson of Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, succumbed to injuries sustained during the attacks. Reports indicate that the number of Palestinian casualties has now surpassed 14 thousand, with 5 thousand 600 children and 3 thousand 550 women among them. The count of those injured in Israeli assaults has exceeded 13 thousand, leading to the displacement of 1.5 million Gaza Strip residents. Simultaneously, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh claims they have secured a ceasefire agreement with Israel. In a parallel statement, U.S. President Biden has also asserted that a ceasefire deal is imminent.

If both parties agree to the terms, there will be a cessation of ground assaults and a reduction in aerial attacks within five days. Israel plans to release 300 Palestinians, including children. On Monday evening, an additional 17 individuals lost their lives in an air strike. The ground operation has claimed the lives of 66 Israeli soldiers. The former Israeli Prime Minister disclosed that the Israeli army constructed bunkers beneath hospitals. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has called for a global halt to arms supply to Israel. According to social media statements, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has communicated Hamas’ stance on the ceasefire to the mediators and Qatari counterparts.

Ceasefire Reports Amidst Israeli Actions: Release of Palestinians and Tragic Incidents

Israeli Strikes in Gaza: Ceasefire Talks, Rising CasualtiesForeign media reports indicate that, under the provisional ceasefire agreement. There will be a cessation of ground attacks and a reduction in air assaults during the initial five days. At the same time, Israel plans to release 300 Palestinians, including children and women, currently imprisoned in Israeli jails. In a Monday night airstrike, Israeli warplanes targeted the West Bank, resulting in 17 casualties at the Nusairt refugee camp. The World Health Organization reports that, since October 7, Israel has conducted 335 attacks on hospitals and medical centers. Additionally, an Israeli bombardment in the village of Tayir Har Nah in Lebanon led to the tragic deaths of three individuals, including a female Muslim reporter.

Arab media identifies Farah Omar, a reporter for Al-Mayadeen TV, and Rabi Al-Mamari, the cameraman. Among the three civilians who died in an attack near the Israeli border in a Lebanese village. Al-Mayadeen, a global TV channel broadcasting from Beirut. The capital of Lebanon has officially confirmed the death of its reporter, Farah Omar, and cameraman Rabi Al-Mamari in the Israeli bombing. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Salman stated that he finds the forced expulsion of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip unacceptable.

Mohammed bin Salman stated his demand for all countries to cease supplying weapons to Israel, aiming to halt the attacks on Gaza. The Saudi Crown Prince strongly criticized the ruthless Israel’s assaults on the Gaza Strip. Also emphasized the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. He stressed the urgent necessity for initiating comprehensive peace talks to address the Palestinian issue. In the same meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping also called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Israel Recalls Ambassador and Former PM Acknowledges Army Bunkers under Gaza Hospitals

Israeli Strikes in Gaza: Ceasefire Talks, Rising CasualtiesThe Israeli army unveiled images of weapons and equipment allegedly employed by Hamas in the October 7 attack on Israel.  Hamas utilizes Thar Mubarak grenades and rockets, along with vehicles and motorcycles employed by militants to enter Israel from Gaza. On October 27, Israel’s forces initiated ground operations in Gaza, resulting in the death of 66 soldiers. However, a report has disclosed that a majority of these Israeli soldiers were killed by their fellow comrades. In response to recent statements from South Africa, Israel has decided to recall its ambassador from Pretoria. Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated they have summoned the ambassador in Pretoria back to Jerusalem for consultations.

Turkish Foreign Minister Khakan Fidan emphasized the need for global unity to exert pressure on Israel. As reported by the Turkish news agency, the Foreign Minister addressed the Planning and Budget Commission of the Turkish Parliament. He asserted that the sole resolution to this issue is the creation of an independent Palestinian state, grounded in the borders of 1967. Former Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak acknowledged that the Israeli army constructed bunkers beneath Gaza hospitals several decades ago.

In an interview, Ehud Barak acknowledged that the Israeli army built the bunkers with the purpose of monitoring Gaza. When host Kir Stein Amanpour questioned him with surprise, Barak clarified that he had not made a mistake. He stated that Hamas is currently utilizing bunkers initially built by the Israeli army. Despite Barak’s statement, Israel has not presented any evidence supporting the existence of a Hamas command and control center beneath the hospitals.

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