March, 21, 2023
Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir

They can confiscate public property, but they cannot remove the spirit of freedom from the hearts and minds of Kashmiris:

Shabbir Shah Washington, Srinagar (APP) While completely rejecting India’s self-imposed claim on occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the US The Associated Press has used the word “disputed territory” for India’s illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir in its report on the march of Rahul Gandhi, the leader of India’s opposition party, Congress. AP news headlined Congress pilgrimage ends in disputed Kashmir is on search engine yahoo. India’s main opposition party, the Congress Party, ended its 5-month-long Bharat Jodo or Tera in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday.went On this occasion, hundreds of members of various opposition groups participated in a public rally in extreme cold.

The news agency has provided the details of Rahul Gandhi’s leadership in its news. AP wrote that Rahul Gandhi took a conciliatory stance in Kashmir, where the Modi government revoked the special status of the occupied territory in August 2019, followed by massive crackdowns and communications blackouts and took direct control of the occupied territory. had taken Rahul Gandhi said that in his opinion, restoration of statehood and democratic process of Jammu and Kashmir is fundamental and very important. He said that he was sorry to see the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that he is actually sad. On the other hand, all partiesArrested senior leader of Hurriyat Conference, Shabbir Ahmed Shah has condemned the seizure of the Hurriyat office in Srinagar and said that the Modi government can confiscate public property but it has not removed the spirit of freedom from the hearts and minds of Kashmiris.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir quickly moved to adopt the provisions of the agreement.The recommendations of the Drafting Committee on the Constitution of J.Kashmir regarding the monarchy were accepted by the Constitutent Assembly on 21 August 1952.

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