September, 26, 2023
Lampedusa Imposes Emergency Measures Amid Migrant Influx

Lampedusa Imposes Emergency Measures Amid Migrant Influx

Emergency measures have been imposed on Italy’s island of Lampedusa due to the influx of migrants beyond capacity. The Italian island after more than 6,000 migrants arrived on the island within 24 hours is in an emergency. The reception center on the island has a capacity of only 400 people. Newly arrived migrants are being moved to Sisli by the authorities. European Commission President Zola van der Leyen visited the island on Sunday with the Italian prime minister given the emergency created by the unprecedented influx of migrants on Llama Paydossa.

He was directly invited by Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni to visit the island under a state of emergency. In response to the invitation of the Italian Prime Minister, the European Commission decided to immediately arrive on the island of Lam Paydosa. A state of emergency was declared due to the current situation. According to Italian authorities, the arrival of nearly 5,000 migrants by boat in one day on the island of Lampedusa, between Mali and North Africa, is a new record.

The German foreign minister called the Chinese president a dictator

Berlin (NNI) German Foreign Minister Anna Lena Birbok criticized the Chinese President while crossing the red line. In a blunder that was not considered diplomatic, he called an emotional Chinese President Xi Jinping a dictator, according to a foreign news agency. In an interview, Berbock said of the prospect of an end to the Russia-Ukraine war that Berlin “will support Ukraine no matter what.” He said, “If Russian President Vladimir Putin wins this war what do we instruct other dictators around the world like the Chinese president?” Beijing, on the other hand, has yet to react or comment on these statements.

Egypt: For the first time in 70 years, the Jewish community celebrated the New Year

CAIRO (NNI) For the first time in 70 years, especially after the July Revolution of 1952, the Jewish community in Egypt celebrated the Jewish New Year. The sect’s official Facebook page said the sect celebrated the Jewish New Year and posted some photos of the celebration. According to a foreign news agency, the head of the Jewish community, Magda Haroun, was also seen giving a speech at the celebration in front of dozens of community members. After the Suez War and the Tripartite Offensive in 1956, most Jews left Egypt permanently, and their emigration from Egypt increased after the Lavon scandal in 1955. In those years, the number of Jews in Egypt was about 145 thousand.

They were smuggled with their money through the Goshen secret network, which was responsible for smuggling them to France, Italy, and then Palestine. Most of the remaining Jews lived as Jewish sailors in the Mosque area of ​​Cairo. The Jews left behind several temples in Egypt that were built during the 19th and 20th centuries. Encouraged by Muhammad Ali, Jews migrated to Egypt and enjoyed all the foreign privileges and economic development during the reign of Khedive Ismail. According to the 1917 census, the number of members of the Jewish community in Egypt reached 60 thousand.

The UK has increased the fees for 45 categories of visas

The UK Home Office has increased the fees for 45 categories of visas, and a notification regarding the new rates has been issued. According to the notification, the fee has been increased by 15 pounds for a 6-month visit visa, and 24 pounds for a 2-year visit visa. The fee for a 5-year visa has increased by £101 and the fee for a 10-year visit visa has increased by £126.

The settlement visa fee has been increased by 308 pounds and the ILR fee by 481 pounds. The innovator visa fee has been increased by £155, the start-up visa fee by £57, and the global talent visa fee by £93. In Tyrone, from £93 to £155, the Tyrone Investor Visa fee has been increased by £246. The skilled visa fee has been increased by £94, while the visa fee in eight categories of skilled workers has been increased by £37 to £141. The visa fee has been increased by 39 pounds while the British citizenship fee has also been increased by 250 pounds. The increase in visa fees of various categories will be applicable from October 14.

International Atomic Energy Agency should stay out of politics: Iran

Tehran (Online) Spokesperson of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasir Kanani has said that although Iran has had positive constructive and continuous cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, three European countries including Britain, France, and Germany, and the United States have abused the powers of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors to achieve their political goals, Nasser Kanani said on Sunday, stressing that Iran’s recent actions violate its sovereignty rights.

The use is based on the provisions of the “Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement” between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency. He said that Iran hopes that the Western countries will refrain from political interference in the International Atomic Energy Agency and that the organization will be professional and non-political.

Bangladesh, dengue death toll exceeds 800

Dhaka (APP) Dengue death toll in Bangladesh has crossed 800. According to the Chinese news agency, the Directorate General of Health Services under the Ministry of Health of Bangladesh released data about dengue and said that 164,562 cases have been reported so far this year, of which more than 800 people have dengue fever.

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