March, 21, 2023
Lawyers will be fully consulted

Lawyers will be fully consulted

Lawyers will be fully consulted on the appointment of custody in the Supreme Court, and the approval of the Lawyers Protection Act is allowed.

Appropriate steps should be taken for electricity load management in summer: Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Justice takes notice of audio leak: The Noon League

Islamabad (Khalid Mehmood, Agencies) Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has allowed the approval of the Lawyers Protection Act. In the next meeting of the cabinet, the draft of the Lawyers Protection Act will be presented for approval in principle. Shahbaz Sharif was met by newly elected officials of bar councils and leaders of lawyers’ organizations across the country.

The Prime Minister assured that there will be full consultation with the lawyer’s community regarding the appointment of judges in the High Court. He asked the bar representatives to present a draft of the bill in this regard on the demand of the bar representatives for the right to appeal on the Supreme Court’s own notice and assured that the government will present the right to appeal on the Supreme Court’s own notice to the Kabul Parliament for approval. He said that lawyers have long struggled for the supremacy of law in the country, for the supremacy of the constitution and law, lawyers value the numerous sacrifices of the community, and the government is solving the problems of the bar on a regional basis.

The former government damaged every sector of the country with its incompetence, and violations of the constitution and law reached a peak in the former government. The lawyers’ community has always played a leading role in the protection of the constitution and the supremacy of law in the country. The lawyers effectively raised their voices against every unconstitutional move of the former government for which they deserve applause. The delegation apprised the Prime Minister about the problems of the Pakistan Bar Council, Islamabad High Court Bar, and Provincial Bar Councils.

The Prime Minister assured the delegation of immediate resolution of all their legitimate issues. In the review meeting regarding electricity transmission, Shahbaz Sharif said that appropriate measures should be taken to improve the electricity transmission system in the summer season, and in this regard, load management should be taken. In this regard, the proposed strategy should be finalized as soon as possible so that the relevant institutions have a solid and comprehensive plan before the arrival of heat. The Prime Minister said that minimum load shedding should be done during the summer months, especially during Mubarak. He expressed satisfaction over the fact that the share of local fuels and alternative resources in the energy mix in terms of power generation is continuously increasing due to which the dependence on expensive imported fuels is decreasing and also in the import bill. There is a substantial decrease.

Shahbaz Sharif directed that steps should be taken immediately to make the Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant fully operational. He also directed the Power Division, Petroleum Division, and other related institutions to improve coordination and communication regarding power generation and load management. It was informed in the meeting that effective measures are being taken to minimize the burden of electricity load shedding on the public.

The Prime Minister strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the Levies check post in Mustang and said that the entire nation salutes the martyrs. He said that the determination and morale of the security forces to destroy the terrorists is high. National Assembly members Sheikh Rohail Asghar and Qaiser Ahmad Sheikh met Shehbaz Sharif separately and discussed the issues of the respective constituencies and the overall political situation of the country. Former MNA Hanif Abbasi also met the Prime Minister.

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