September, 30, 2023
Libya Faces Tragic Consequences

Libya Faces Tragic Consequences

Tripoli (AFP, Monitoring Desk, Net News) As a result of the hurricane coming from the Mediterranean Sea in Libya, the death toll has reached 2300, while more than 10 thousand people are missing, 7 thousand people were also injured by the terrible hurricane. There is a strong possibility that the death toll in the country will increase. Due to the destruction of the hurricane in Libya, the government has appealed for assistance from international and local agencies, Due to the hurricane, a curfew has been imposed in the northeastern coastal areas of Libya, and activities in educational institutions have been suspended. have been suspended for a certain period. Senior officials in eastern Libya have confirmed the deaths and missing persons. According to Mayor Darna, the city has been destroyed due to the hurricane. Massive mudslides, collapsed buildings, and entire neighborhoods are visible underwater. According to an official of the International Red Crescent Society, the number of people missing due to heavy rains and floods in Libya has increased to more than 10,000. According to the local authorities, the bodies of two and a half thousand people have been recovered so far. Earlier, Libyan authorities said that more than 1,000 bodies were found in the eastern city of Derna. According to the administration of the eastern part of Libya, the final death toll as a result of this disaster is not yet clear.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and other top officials will meet with the arms deal between the two countries

Moscow (Net News, Monitoring Desk) North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrived in Russia to meet Russian President Putin. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un entered Russia in his armored and bulletproof train, accompanied by the top leadership of the North Korean military. It has been stated in media reports that the presence of military leadership along with Kim Joo-nig shows the possibility that there may be an arms deal between Russia and North Korea, however, Western countries are expressing concern over this expected deal between the two countries. Which is being seen in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war. During his visit to North Korea, the Russian President announced a visit to the space center. He is expected to visit the space center with Kim Jong-un, but it is not yet clear whether the important meeting between the two leaders will take place here or not. According to media reports, the purpose of the talks between Kim Jong Un and Putin is humanitarian aid, as North Korea is facing a shortage of necessities such as food and medicine, one of the main reasons being that the North Korean government has imposed restrictions on the spread of the virus. had sealed its borders in 2020. The Russian president said that peace talks with Ukraine will only be started when Ukraine’s resources are exhausted.

Russian citizens will not be able to bring personal belongings and vehicles to Europe

Berlin (Monitoring Desk): European countries, in a move endorsed by the European Commission, have imposed restrictions on Russian citizens regarding the transportation of personal belongings and vehicles into Europe. Russian nationals are no longer permitted to bring Russian-registered vehicles, along with items like smartphones, jewelry, and laptops, when entering European nations.

The European Commission, while backing sanctions against Russia, clarified that the use of vehicles registered in Russia now falls under the category of prohibited imports from Russia, as defined by the Customs Code, regardless of whether the vehicles are intended for private or commercial purposes. This ruling follows last summer’s incidents when some Russians driving their cars to Germany encountered stringent security checks at customs.

In early July, German customs authorities confirmed that the importation of passenger vehicles from Russia is now prohibited under Article 31 of Regulation 2014/833, which mandates sanctions against Russia. This prohibition encompasses the movement of goods for both personal and non-commercial purposes. Legal experts have raised concerns about this decision, as Article 31 explicitly forbids the import or transfer of Russian goods to European countries as outlined in Annex XXI.

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