February, 22, 2024
Minister Urges Action on Surging Poultry Prices

Minister Urges Action on Surging Poultry Prices

Infostani International: On Tuesday, the National Price Monitoring Committee (NPMC) conducted a thorough examination of prevailing trends, specifically concentrating on the escalating prices of poultry products.

NPMC Meeting Highlights: Minister Urges Action on Rising Poultry Prices, Calls for Provincial Cooperation

Caretaker Minister for Planning Sami Saeed, who chaired the NPMC meeting, directed the Ministry of National Food Security to engage in discussions with the Pakistan Poultry Association to identify the underlying causes of the continuous surge in the prices of poultry products and resolve the supply issues.

The price of chicken farm broiler (live) has notably increased, rising to Rs440 per kg from Rs409 in the previous week. Similarly, the rate of eggs per dozen has also escalated to Rs440, up from Rs390, marking a significant shift in the market dynamics for poultry products.

An official announcement issued after the meeting stated that the minister also asked provincial governments to vigorously pursue the smooth availability of essential items, especially in Ramazan, and report the demand and supply situation of specific commodities in the next meeting.

Dr. Naeem Uz Zafar, Chief Statistician of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, presented an overview of the price situation in the country for the week ending on January 11. He informed the meeting that the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) surged 44.2% year-on-year and 1.4% week-on-week. He explained that perishable items, including tomatoes and onions, and poultry products like chicken and eggs are driving the current spike in SPI.

During this week, the prices of 21 items increased, the prices of 8 items decreased, and the prices of 22 items remained stable.

Minister Urges Action on Surging Poultry Prices

Provincial Responses to Price Disparities: Monitoring, Fines, and Climate Considerations in Focus

The minister inquired about the measures taken by provincial governments to curtail the gap between wholesale and retail prices. In response, representatives from the Food and Industries Departments of Punjab, Sindh, and KP explained that they are actively monitoring prices by imposing heavy fines, conducting raids, and sealing high-charging shops.

Despite supply issues with perishable items due to extreme weather conditions, the issue of climate change has become more important. The administration of Punjab is taking measures by sensitizing deputy commissioners across the province to control 

The minister advised PBS to present a detailed report on the active usage of the Decision Support System on Inflation (DSSI) by provincial and district authorities for price monitoring and checking profiteering and hoarding.