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Ministry Report: Terrorism and Border Updates

Ministry Report: Terrorism and Border Updates

Infostani International- In two years, there were 1560 incidents of terrorism, with 593 officials involved. The operations resulted in the deaths of 263 civilians and 381 terrorists. Security forces arrested 1952 individuals. Additionally, they apprehended 44 human traffickers listed in the Red Book and conducted 277 operations against illegal money changers, leading to the arrest of 395 suspects.


Ministry of Interior’s Comprehensive Report: Terrorism, Border Security, and Migration Statistics Unveiled

The Ministry of Interior, during the Senate session, reported that 1560 terrorism incidents in two years resulted in the martyrdom of 593 security personnel and 263 civilians. Security forces conducted over 8,200 intelligence operations, leading to the killing of 381 terrorists and the arrest of 1952 others. Over the past three and a half years, courts convicted 671 terrorists while acquitting 776. (In addition, security forces blocked terrorist content in 25,000 accounts. During the same period, authorities deported 154,205 Pakistanis for illegal entry, and 44,283 people faced offloading due to fake or insufficient documents.

During the question period, the Ministry provided details of terrorism incidents from May 2022 to August 2023, unveiling that 736 terrorism incidents in 2022 resulted in the martyrdom of 227 security forces and 97 civilians. Following the withdrawal of the Afghan Interim Government, the TTP seized opportunities to increase its influence and operations. The TTP reorganized during peace talks, alarming authorities with recruitment and training of suicide bombers in the annexed districts. Notably, TTP and other terrorist organizations were destroying the border fence, while Daesh was gaining influence in Pakistan.

Ministry Report: Terrorism and Border Updates


Ministry of Interior’s Comprehensive Report: Counterterrorism Operations, Border Security, and Migration Trends (2022-2023)

The Ministry of Interior disclosed that in 2022, CTD conducted 14,892 intelligence operations against terrorists. Resulting in 209 killed and 1,178 martyred. 171 terrorists were arrested, with 189 convictions and 172 acquittals. Turkey deported the highest number of Pakistanis for illegal entry, totaling 15,040 individuals. From 2021 to 2023, authorities registered 1042 cases of migrant smuggling, resulting in 572 prosecutions. Identifying 494 human traffickers, and securing 499 convictions. Notably, law enforcement arrested 44 human traffickers listed in the Red Book from 2021 to October 2023.

The Ministry highlighted the installation of 98% of the fence on the Pak-Afghan border. With active efforts to complete the remaining portion despite facing dangers. Bilateral discussions aim to resolve associated issues. Bilateral discussions are being pursued to resolve related issues. Over the last three months, FIA conducted 277 raids against illegal money changers, resulting in the arrest of 395 suspects. In these operations, authorities seized $417,653, along with foreign currency equivalent to 16 crore 36 lakh, and 66 crore 94 lakh Pakistani rupees. A significant portion of the residents in the country consists of Afghans, with 541,210 people sent back so far.
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