September, 23, 2023
Modi government's decision to change the name of India

Modi government’s decision to change the name of India

Modi government’s decision to change the name of India to Bharat. To change the name of India, the government can bring a resolution in the parliament to amend the constitution.

New Delhi (NNI) The Modi government has decided to change the name of India to India in the Indian Constitution. In this regard, the Modi government may bring forward a proposal in the next session of Parliament. According to media reports, the session of the Indian Parliament will continue from September 18 to 22, during which the Indian Constitution will be amended to mean India and its name will be called the Republic of India. According to Indian media, the constitution will be amended to meet the demand to name India Bharat, for which the central government can pass a resolution in the parliament. India is also the name of the special plane that carries the Prime Minister, President, and Vice President of the country. The President issued a dinner invitation to the G20 delegation at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, which read “President of India” instead of “President of India”.

The Education Minister of Britain issued an apology for the selection of language used. Gillian Keegan’s words were not acceptable but PM was satisfied with the apology: Spokesman

London (Net News) British Education Minister Gillian Keegan apologized for the words she used during the discussion regarding dilapidated and dangerous school buildings. According to foreign media, the British minister used inappropriate words while expressing his displeasure over the lack of appreciation for his work on the issue of unsafe school buildings. In Britain, just days before the start of the new term, revelations of school buildings collapsing have sparked anger and concern among parents and teachers, with 104 schools ordered to close. According to foreign media, the British government is waiting for responses from 10 percent of 15,000 schools in England after a survey in this regard. The issue gained momentum once again after he used inappropriate words while talking to the British media. The British minister said that he has done more work on this issue than others. He used inappropriate words during the interview and said, “Does anyone ever say that you did a good job because everyone else sat and did nothing.” Gillian Keegan later apologized for her words, saying that her words were unnecessary. On social media, the British minister wrote that I know parents are worried and I am working non-stop to resolve this issue as soon as possible. On the other hand, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak’s spokesperson has said that Gillian Keegan’s words are not acceptable in any way, but the Prime Minister is satisfied with her apology.

Tehran (Monitoring Desk, APP, NNI) Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has said that Saudi Arabia and Iran are two influential countries in the Islamic world and the region, that must work together. According to the World News Agency, the President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, has expressed his desire for good relations with Saudi Arabia. Ibrahim Raisi added that Iran and Saudi Arabia are two important and influential countries in the Islamic world. Both have to work together for peace, stability, and development in the region. The Iranian president further said that it is necessary to improve relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran to solve the problems of the Islamic world. These views were expressed by President Ibrahim Raisi during a meeting with Iran’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ali Reza Inayati, before his departure to Riyadh. It is recalled that diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran were restored in March with the mediation of China and they agreed to reopen each other’s embassies. According to NNI, the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasir Kanani, has said that the new Iranian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ali Reza Inayati, has started his work in Riyadh. According to the foreign news agency, Kanani added during his ceremony that the new Iranian ambassador to Saudi Arabia will promote bilateral relations and joint cooperation since the beginning of his work there. How are all the countries of the region working together to achieve common interests?

How the United States normalized relations with Palestine: President Abbas should accept the Palestinian effort to gain full membership in the United Nations.

Ramallah (APP) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called on the United States to end the sanctions imposed on Palestinian citizens and restore normal relations with Palestine. According to the Chinese news agency, he made this demand yesterday during a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken. During the telephone conversation, the latest developments in Palestine, the reopening of the US Consulate in occupied Jerusalem, and the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington were discussed as ways to strengthen bilateral relations. He called on the US administration to accept Palestine’s bid for full membership in the United Nations through a Security Council resolution.

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