February, 22, 2024
Mohsin Naqvi: Canal Cleanup and Infrastructure Progress

Mohsin Naqvi: Canal Cleanup and Infrastructure Progress

Infostani Sources- Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi led a meeting where officials decided to comprehensively clean 1112 canals in Punjab after a decade. The cleaning process will take place from December 26 to January 20. The divisional commissioners now have the responsibility of overseeing the proper cleaning of canals, with Chief Minister Naqvi instructing them to take effective action to stop the theft of canal water. In addition, he spent two hours visiting the Controlled X Corridor Closed Road Project, inspecting the entire 3.7-kilometer route from Sigiyan to Niazi Chowk and from Babu Sabu to Sigiyan in detail.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi actively reviewed the ongoing construction activities on both packages of the project. He observed the construction of side walls and concrete pouring in Package One, expressing satisfaction with the speed of work. He directed to expedite work on Package 2 and instructed the contractor to complete the project within the stipulated time. Chief Minister Naqvi also instructed the Deputy Commissioner to immediately halt encroachments on the roads around the project.

Chief Minister Naqvi Updates on the Progress of the Controlled X Corridor Project

They received a briefing on the project progress, indicating that Package Two (Babu Sabu to Sigian) has reached 24% completion, while Package One (Sigian to Niazi Chowk) has achieved 40% completion. Package One has 33 out of 34 girders ready, and Package Two has 38 out of 51 girders ready, with the others in progress.

Package One has installed 3100 panels, and Package Two has installed 551, with 1900 panels ready. Nine subways connected to both packages are under construction simultaneously as the project advances at full speed around the clock. Chief Minister Naqvi, speaking to the media, emphasized the significance of the Controlled X Corridor Closed Road Project, highlighting the completion of 40% of work on one package and 24% on the other. Discussions with the Prime Minister have taken place regarding the early completion of the Emamiya Colony flyover project. The Chief Minister expressed hope that the Prime Minister would take notice and complete the project soon.

Mohsin Naqvi: Canal Cleanup and Infrastructure Progress

Punjab’s Progress: Fertilizer Boost, Freelancer Certification, and Infrastructure Inspections by Mohsin Naqvi

The Prime Minister issued immediate instructions to federal ministers regarding fertilizer. Ensuring an additional 2 lakh tonnes of urea fertilizer would reach the port by December 20. Chief Minister Naqvi stated that he would return home after completing his term. Expressing optimism that the next chief minister would perform even better. The Punjab government has initiated a project to provide international certification for freelancers. Allocating 50 to 60 dollars for this purpose.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi spent three hours visiting three development projects. Including a detailed inspection of Shahdara fly and Z side roads. The new bridge of Ravi, and the side Z road of the Bedian underpass. He ordered the early completion of the side roads of Shahdara flyovers. Observed the piling process in the river Ravi for the construction of the bridge. Also praised the quality of the underpass project, Congratulations to the LDA team. In the Under-19 Asia Cup. Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi extended congratulations to the national cricket team for their victory against traditional rivals India. Emphasizing his belief that teamwork always leads to victory.