February, 21, 2024
Mohsin Naqvi Greenlights Punjab's Safe City, Canal Projects

Mohsin Naqvi Greenlights Punjab’s Safe City, Canal Projects

Infostani Sources- Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi chaired the 33rd meeting of the Punjab Safe City Authority, where formal approval was granted for the Safe City Project DIC 3 in 17 cities. In the first phase, the Safe City Project will be established, and 831 cameras will be installed in cities such as Gujarat, Sialkot, Sargodha, and Sheikhupura. Subsequently, the second phase will see the installation of 1234 cameras in Attock, Jhang, Sahiwal, Bahawalpur, and Rahimyar Khan. The third phase will cover cities including Jhelum, Murree, Mianwali, and Muzaffargarh, with over 500 cameras to be installed. The establishment of the Safe City Authority in other Punjab cities was also reviewed, with more than 500 cameras slated for installation.

In a separate meeting under Mohsin Naqvi’s chairmanship, approval was granted for the cleanup project of canals spanning 15300 kanal miles in Punjab. Mohsin Naqvi emphasized that proper sanitation completion would provide water to three to four lakh acres of land. Furthermore, Naqvi extended the deadline for the grand operation against encroachments by 24 hours. Urging the removal of encroachments to avoid legal action.

Mohsin Naqvi’s Economic Vision: Boosting Agriculture, Savings, and Investments in Punjab

Mohsin Naqvi Greenlights Punjab's Safe City, Canal Projects

Additionally, a meeting with Governor State Bank Jameel Ahmed saw discussions on the economic situation. Including issues related to the Bank of Punjab and Punjab operative bank. Mohsin Naqvi highlighted the importance of providing subsidies and easy loans to farmers to minimize financial burdens. Ultimately fostering higher production.

He emphasized the positive impact of improved economic activities in agriculture and other sectors. Citing the potential savings of 2 billion dollars in foreign exchange. Through the record production of cotton in Punjab and a 2 billion dollar increase in rice exports. The commitment to providing all possible facilities to investors and industrialists was emphasized. Contributing to the flourishing stock exchange and positive global effects.

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