February, 23, 2024
Mohsin Naqvi's Transformative Leadership in Punjab

Mohsin Naqvi’s Transformative Leadership in Punjab

Infostai Sources- Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated a newly constructed 3-storied police station in Hanjarwal within just seven months, featuring comfortable sofas and chairs, a clean environment, and uniformed front desk staff. Mohsin Naqvi, late at night, personally inspected various departments of the Hanjarwal police station and reviewed the front desk. He took a token from the machine, commending the implementation of the token system for Cylin. Mohsin Naqvi also examined the waiting room, SHO room, IT room, and meeting room, directing improvements in the quality of doors. He actively engaged with the accused, inquiring about their cases, and appreciated the initiative to provide the best facilities for civilians.

After the inauguration, Mohsin Naqvi briefed reporters about the ongoing upgrade of 737 police stations across Punjab, emphasizing that his administration is ensuring attention to each station in the province. He emphasized ongoing improvements in the front desk, SH and WM, investigation, and waiting rooms in each police station. In Lahore, 22 new police stations are under construction, despite the significant workload on the construction and communication department. Mohsin Naqvi expressed optimism for the prompt completion of the new police stations in Lahore. Additionally, a committee, led by the Additional Chief Secretary of Interior. Is actively working to expand Safe City projects in 16 districts.

Transformative Progress in Policing, Livestock, and Public Perception under Naqvi’s Leadership

Mohsin Naqvi's Transformative Leadership in Punjab

The police stations are undergoing improvements, and there is a positive shift in the culture. With the appointment of young and honest police officers. The effects have been notable, with a remarkable achievement of issuing 24,800 driving licenses in one day in Lahore. Just a month ago, the daily issuance was only 250, making this a record. The police processed 75,000 licenses in a single day across Punjab. Receiving positive feedback and enhancing public perception of the force.

We are making good progress in upgrading and revamping 737 police stations, with various projects scheduled for completion on time. The recruitment of around 9,000 additional police officers is underway. A visit to the Kacha area with the entire team focused on eliminating the gang of robbers.

In a meeting at the Chief Minister’s Office. Mohsin Naqvi discussed livestock production with a 21-member delegation from the Meat Exporters Association. The delegation provided suggestions for increasing livestock production. Also, Mohsin Naqvi emphasized the need for a workable plan to boost meat exports fivefold. We directed immediate steps to establish control measures for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) in livestock production.

Mohsin Naqvi emphasized taking action against illegal practices in cattle markets and pledged to provide all necessary facilities to boost meat exports.  Mohsin Naqvi plans to reach out to the federal government to enhance meat exports and is determined to promptly implement the practical suggestions provided by the Meat Exporters Association.

Diplomatic Engagements: Mohsin Naqvi’s Efforts for Economic Ties and Migration Management

Mohsin Naqvi's Transformative Leadership in Punjab

Caretaker Mohsin Naqvi and Italy’s Minister, Andreas Ferraris, met meanwhile and examined ways of fortifying society. As well as the travel industry and exchange ties. Mohsin Naqvi clarified that the ongoing connection between Pakistan and Italy should be changed into a useful monetary association. He likewise stressed the way that the two nations could share more for all intents and purposes than simply exchange and societal position. He proposed starting a one-window activity for financial supporters in Punjab. Smoothing out the cycle by giving all central clearances under one rooftop.

Philippa Ko Nadkar, a delegate of the Collected Nations High Commission for Evacuees, met with Mohsin Naqvi at the Focal Cleric’s office. As such to determine issues connecting with the illicitly remaining untouchables’ takeoff. They examined the essentials for help, coordination, and joint exertion in the bringing back of these people. Mohsin Naqvi expressed that the Punjab government rigorously implements bureaucratic guidelines and has taken on a reasonable strategy against outsiders living wrongfully. Mohsin Naqvi has localized over 15,000 unlawful foreigners from Punjab. Exhibiting the receptiveness of the method and guaranteeing that there are no more unlawful migrants in the region.

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