February, 22, 2024
Mohsin Naqvi's Vision for a Prosperous Pakistan

Mohsin Naqvi’s Vision for a Prosperous Pakistan

Infostani International- Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi extended his heartfelt congratulations to the nation on the advent of the New Year 2024, expressing optimism that our determination surpasses the challenges at hand. Naqvi confidently asserted that 2024 will usher in a ray of hope for the Pakistani nation. Reflecting on the efforts made in 2023 to enhance the lives of the common man, he emphasized that Pakistan has embarked on an unstoppable journey of development, assuring a bright and prosperous future for the country.

Bid farewell to the year 2023 and welcomed the New Year 2024, Naqvi urged a thorough review of both successes and failures. He called for a renewed commitment to leveraging all available capabilities to propel Pakistan towards prosperity.

Mohsin Naqvi Inaugurates Jinnah Hospital Upgrade and Unveils Ambitious Healthcare Initiatives

On the last day of the year, Mohsin Naqvi, accompanied by Federal Minister Gohar Ijaz, inaugurated the new 150-bed emergency room at Jinnah Hospital. During the visit, Naqvi personally inspected the modern medical facilities and inaugurated the upgraded medical and surgical emergency room. Commending the treatment facilities provided, he extended congratulations to the involved entities, including Federal Minister Gohar Ijaz, Secretaries of Health and Construction, Communications, and the Jinnah Hospital administration and their dedicated team.

Addressing journalists after the inauguration. Naqvi disclosed plans to open five major hospitals in Punjab within the next 4-5 days following upgrades. He acknowledged Federal Minister Gohar Ejaz’s significant contributions to Jinnah Hospital. Emphasizing his commitment to providing free food in major hospitals and effectively managing the Dial Care Center. Naqvi anticipated the completion of more significant projects in the coming days. He also, expressed hope that the incoming government would surpass their achievements. Furthermore, he announced the completion of 104 major roads, 100 hospitals, expressways, highways, and numerous other projects by January 31.

Mohsin Naqvi's Vision for a Prosperous Pakistan
CM MOHSIN NAQVI pays a detailed visit to the LAHORE ZOO.

Mohsin Naqvi Enhances Lahore Zoo: Urgent Upgrades and Vision for Animal Welfare

In addition to his engagements at Jinnah Hospital, Mohsin Naqvi conducted a comprehensive visit to Lahore Zoo. Reviewing the ongoing upgrade work and construction activities. He expressed dissatisfaction with the delayed demolition of old structures and promptly ordered their swift removal. The chief minister personally inspected various sections of the zoo. Including the snake house, giraffe house, lion house, and fish house. Emphasizing the need for spacious and world-standard cages for animals. Naqvi underscored the importance of adhering to the upgradation program to enhance the overall quality of Lahore Zoo.

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