March, 21, 2023
MQM is united

MQM is united, father is being included in PPP

General Bajwa’s setup is still working but the pressure is less

The establishment has asked our three members of the Punjab Assembly to remain neutral for the vote of confidence, the MQM is being assembled in Karachi and the father is being included in the People’s Party. There is no point in going to the National Assembly(MQM). Humanity is the housewife, what message are we giving to our young generation through audio leaks? There should be transparent elections in the country and a sustainable government will be formed because of transparent elections Stability will come, the establishment can play an important role in bringing the economy out of all crises.

Three decisions regarding me are disqualification, jail, character assassination. Bajwa stopped EVM, controlling the Chief Election Commissioner. were, General Asim did not provide any information about Bushra nor was there any resentment towards him: Talking to journalists Lahore (News Agencies) Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that General (R) Bajwa said in the last meeting that he is a playboy who But I replied yes I am sowing first, Qamar Bajwa was stabbing me in the back and sympathizing too.

He said in a meeting with journalists that General (R) Bajwa hired Hussain Haqqani for lobbying in America, Donald Lowe learned from Pakistan. Educated, Hussain Haqqani continued to promote the campaign against me and General Bajwa despite the Trump administration’s historic welcome. The name of the establishment is one man, the setup of General Retired D Bajwa is still working but the pressure is less. Bajwa did not want to be held accountable, so the relationship deteriorated.

Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto do not know anything about Afghanistan, they had excellent relations with the current government, dollars can be earned by selling terrorism, Musharraf also earned dollars by selling terrorism but 80 thousand lives were lost. Imran Khan said that the constitution of PCB was changed to bring Najam Sethi even though he doesn’t even know the A’s and B’s of cricket, the team reached the finals under Rameez Raja, he saved money and they are wasting it.

Ever more mine than Shahid Afridi No connection. The journalist asked if Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani is a servant of the establishment, why did you help to make him the chairman? On this, Imran said, “We wanted him not to become the chairman of the People’s Party.” Another journalist asked Fawad Chaudhary who met the American authorities on your instructions, what was the result? Imran Khan gave a funny reply Fawad did not tell me anything, it seems he was talking about himself there.

General Bajwa had something in his heart and something above his mouth, even though he was against us, he used to mix with great enthusiasm. On March 23, the way they took my car When the door was closed, it was clear that something was wrong. We do not want bad relations with America. General Asim Munir in his capacity as DGISI did not provide any information about Bushra, the woman who never went out, never went shopping or never went to eat, why did she need money?

If they went anywhere, they would either go on a visit to the madhouse or go on a visit to the anchorages. When nothing was found against me, they tried to create a narrative against Bushra by propagandising. Sometimes Bushra was accused of witchcraft. I’ve only been with them for five years, big I humbly say, I have been a successful man for many years. General Bajwa told me that I have tapes of everyone including you and Fawad Chaudhary.

Bajwa stopped the electronic voting machine, he controlled Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar. Surgery will have to be done to fix the country, the justice system needs to be fixed, the country cannot develop without improving the governance(MQM). I never had a grudge against Army Chief General Asim Munir. My problem was with General Bajwa who did not want accountability, other than that I had no problem. The country will run only when the army and the largest political party are on the same page.

The army cannot run the country alone, it is the name of one person who can do everything if the decision is right Well, if you do it wrong, everything goes wrong(MQM). A new wave of inflation is coming from the new terms of the IMF. Imported government is in the process of imposing new taxes worth 700 billion rupees. The price of electricity will be increased by Rs 40 per unit. In the coming days, the situation may be similar to Sri Lanka. On June 1, he had said that if things are not taken care of, the country will become bankrupt and security may be in danger.

The current government is making a strategy to take money for the relief support from the US. Mischief is being brought through social media, mobiles are in the hands of seven or eight year old children. Where are we taking the country? These people have made three decisions regarding me, including disqualifying me, Imprisonment and character assassination included. Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has not been in touch for a long time.

Discussions are going on with the Q-League on seat-adjustment.I have faith in the Almighty God and trust in my nation, despite the overwhelming despair on the national scene today, especially due to the possibility of bankruptcy(MQM). Tehreek-e-Insaf will establish a strong government through elections in 2023 and introduce concrete structural reforms to rid the country of the quagmire of crises in which the imported government and its henchmen have pushed the country.

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