February, 22, 2024
MQM-P wins 20 seats from Karachi division

MQM-P wins 20 seats from Karachi division

Infostani Source: With 20 commonplace get together seats from the Karachi Division, the Muttahida Qaumi Development Pakistan (MQM-P) was driving, trailed by autonomous up-and-comers who sacked 10 seats of the Sindh Gathering from the megapolis.

MQM-P asserted that it had recovered its lost order and held parties.

The Pakistan People Groups Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) likewise figured out how to tie down nine seats from the common cash flow to additionally reinforce its situation in the Sindh Gathering. Simultaneously, the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan returned just two of its applicants effectively, as indicated by the informal consequences of 41 out of 47 seats of the Karachi division declaring such a long way by bringing officers back.

Of the five Dad seats of Area South, three were gotten by free applicants, and one each was secured by the PPPP and the MQM-P. Autonomous applicant Sajjad Ali won PS-106 Karachi South-I, PPPP’s Muhammad Yousuf PS-107 Karachi South-II, MQM-P’s Muhammad Dilawar PS-108 Karachi South-III, free competitor Bilal Hussain Khan Jadoon PS-109 Karachi South-IV, and autonomous up-and-comer Rehan Bandukra PS-110 Karachi South-V by 47,450 votes.

Out of nine Dad seats of the Focal region, the MQM-P guaranteed eight and one by the JI. JI’s Naeem-UR-Rehman Khan returned effectively on PS-129 Karachi Focal VIII by getting 26,296 votes.

Out of the seven commonplace get together seats of Korangi region, three were won by free up-and-comers, two by MQM-P, and one each by the PPPP and the JI.

Out of nine Dad seats of Area East, six were secured by the MQM-P and one by the PPPP while the outcome was two was anticipated.

PPPP’s Saeed Ghani won PS-105 Karachi East IX while the consequences of PS-102 Karachi East-VI and PS-104 Karachi East-VIII were not yet declared.

Out of five Dad seats of Keamari, three were caught by free competitors, and one each by the PPPP and the MQM-P.

The consequences of just two Dad seats of the Locale West have been declared. MQM-P’s Shaikh Abdullah won from PS-117 Karachi West-II and Naseer Ahmed from PS-118 Karachi West-III.

The PPPP secured five of the six common get together seats of Region Malir.