September, 27, 2023
Muslim League Convenes Grand Consultative Meeting at Lakhi Hotel

Muslim League Convenes Grand Consultative Meeting in Lahore

Infostani Reporter-A grand consultative meeting of the Muslim League (N) was held at Lakhi Hotel in Lahore regarding the reception of PML-N leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on his return home.

PML-N Vice President Mazah Al-Baaz, General Secretary Hasan Iqbal, Punjab President Rana Saullah Khan, former members of the National and Provincial Assembly from Punjab and ticket holders, and officials of all PP level divisions and districts of Punjab also participated in the meeting. happened Maryam Nawaz as the chief organizer briefed the meeting about the preparations and meaningful cooperation at Papi and D division, district, and tehsil level regarding the return of Quaid Nawaz Sharif.

Muslim League Mourns Bitterness in Pakistan’s History

Leader of Muslim League-N, Nawaz Sharif, while addressing the meeting, said that some losses can be recovered in life, but some cannot be remedied, so much bitterness should not have come in the history of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif recited Mirza Ghalib’s poem to the participants on Hamza Shahbahar’s emotional speech. Our party leaders and workers including Ahsan Iqbal Rana Sanaullah Taif Abbasi endured cruelty without any crime.

He said that who are the people who have made the fate of Pakistan today, today the poor are craving for bread. The characters and faces that brought the nation to this state are in front. I do not want revenge from anyone, but those who gave Pakistan a bad day will be held accountable. In 2017, these conditions were not there. In 2017, one ghee and 50 rupees worth of sugar was being received. Where do people pay this electricity bill? He said that we are held accountable in a minute and those who brought this situation to the nation will also be held accountable.

Was it Nawaz Sharif’s fault that he made Pakistan his own country? The person who frees the country from load-shedding performs four Hajj and sends home the prime minister with the mandate of millions of people. Behind him, General Bajwa and General Faiz were General Bajwa and the godfather of General Faiz was Saqib Nisar Asif Saeed Khosa. India is doing 120 times the sugar on the moon, we should have done all this.

When I became the Prime Minister in December 1990, at that time India imitated the economic reforms we initiated in Pakistan. Ahsan Iqbal and Sartaj Aziz are witnesses to the fact that India imitated our economic reform order. By copying our economic agenda, where has the Bhar Taj reached and where have we been left? When Vajpayee became the Prime Minister, India did not have a billion dollars in treasury at that time, but today they have foreign reserves of 600 billion dollars.

He further said that those who brought Jahahi to this condition are the most gracious. If PDM had not saved the country from demat, petrol would have been Rs 1000 a liter in the country. He has saved Pakistan from defeat by putting his political capital at stake. 

He said that the dollar remained at 104 rupees for four years. During the era of Nawaz Sharif, motorways were also being built, development was also taking place and inflation was also continuously decreasing. Water during our time was Rs 35 per year. These are 160 rupees, in our era petrol was 65 rupees, today it is 332 rupees.

The nation should know all these facts, they should know who are the culprits. Maryam Nawaz, Vice President of Muslim League-N while speaking, said that everyone who plotted against Nawaz Sharif went home in disgrace. On October 21, people will give a historic welcome to Nawaz Sharif and bury the dramatists of Panama and Iqama forever. October 21 is a day for all of us to be proud when we welcome not an individual but the bright future of Pakistan.

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