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NAB to Grill Ex-PM in Al-Qadir University Case on Nov 27

NAB to Grill Ex-PM in Al-Qadir University Case on Nov 27

Infostani Sources- Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Basheer granted Chairman PTI another 4-day physical remand in the Al-Qadir University 190 million pounds corruption case. The court expressed that Grab’s examination groups should just ask into the previous top state leader at Adiala Prison and are not allowed to move him somewhere else. The court instructed Chairman PTI to appear again on November 27. Also directed the NAB investigation team and the prosecutor to conclude the investigation by the next date. Chairman PTI’s sisters were also in attendance in the courtroom. The hearing of the 190 million pound corruption reference took place in the special court established at Adiala Jail. With Chairman PTI present.

At the start of the hearing, Prosecutor Muzaffar Abbasi stated. The investigation was still ongoing and sought another 10-day physical remand. Lawyer Latif Khosa vehemently opposed the physical remand. Stating that, following the United Arab Emirates Bank’s written reply to the Supreme Court, the case has concluded. Also, the request for physical remand should be denied. The PTI Chairman received an additional four days of physical remand.

PTI Chairman’s Remand Extended; NAB Updates on Al-Qadir Trust, Sharif Family Cases, and Court Directives

NAB to Grill Ex-PM in Al-Qadir University Case on Nov 27

The media heard from Latif Khosa after the hearing that the PTI Chairman has been granted another four days of physical remand. Khosa mentioned that NAB presented documents during the proceedings, pointing out concealed details and stressing the need for further investigation. He clarified that neither the government. Neither the Chairman of PTI is involved in the Al-Qadir Trust.

We informed the court that the Supreme Court account received all the money from the UK. The Al-Qadir University constructed a building on the ground, and if the government of Pakistan has any funds from the university, they should retrieve them. Donations to Al-Qadir University have also ceased. NAB remains silent on the Sharif family cases. Furthermore, the special court, under the Official Secrets Act, directed the appearance of PTI and Shah Mahmood Qureshi on November 28 in Sai Farkis. Haj Abul Hasnat Muhammad Zulqarnain has mandated that the Kotteril case will now proceed from the position before August 29.

The Official Secrets Act special court conducted a hearing at the Judicial Complex, CHK Kirman PTI. Ali Bukhari, Taimur Malik, and Khalid Yousuf, the lawyers for Shah Mahmood Qureshi, appeared in court. Meher Bano, Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s daughter, also attended the courtroom session. During the proceedings, Haj Abul Hasnat Muhammad Zul Qarnain inquired about the whereabouts of the High Court decision copy, and the court staff promptly provided the High Court copy. Meanwhile, the Anti-Terrorism Court adjourned the hearing until November 28 due to the unavailability of the investigating officer in three PTI cases and two cases related to Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

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