September, 30, 2023
Najam Sethi met with ICC officials in Dubai

Najam Sethi met with ICC officials in Dubai

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi met with International Cricket Council (ICC) officials in Dubai on Monday and is scheduled to meet Emirati Cricket Officials and Asian Council Vice President Panj Kabhi Majhi on Tuesday. The PCB wants to hold Indian matches in Bangladesh during the Champions Trophy under the “Hyber D Model.” The board worries that if the Asia Cup is not held now, the same problem will arise when the Champions Trophy is hosted in 2025. 

Najam Sethi had a meeting today with officials from the International Cricket Council (ICC), as well as with Emirati officials and the Vice President of the Asian Council. The main topic of discussion was the desire to hold the upcoming Champions Trophy tournament under a hybrid model.

On Monday, Najam Sethi had a meeting with officials from the International Cricket Council (ICC) in Dubai. He is also set to meet with Emirati Cricket Officials and the Vice President of the Asian Council, Panj Kabhi Majhi, on Tuesday. News of the transfer of Hypermodel Mustard and Asia Cup from Pakistan is nonsense, BCCI started trying to increase pressure, talks are going on, and board sources

Afghanistan and Bangladesh have expressed their willingness to collaborate in the upcoming sports event. Additionally, India has promised to host two more matches in their country, joining Sri Lanka. This exciting news has led me to dream about the possibility of organizing the event myself.

Pakistan is facing uncertainty over the hosting of the Asia Cup, scheduled for September, as India has refused to visit the country, putting the event at risk. However, Pakistan’s cricket board has proposed a hybrid model called the “Hyber D Model,” where Pakistan would host the Indian team in the UAE and other matches would be held in Pakistan. While Afghanistan and Bangladesh have shown a willingness to cooperate, Sri Lanka has been convinced by India to play two additional matches and is also keen on hosting the entire event in its country.

There is a war of nerves between Pakistan and Indian authorities in which India is using its media to lure Sri Lanka into playing two extra matches. Bangladesh has concerns about playing in the heat of Dubai, but the efforts to convince them are ongoing, and they are willing to cooperate. Even if the event does not happen, the authorities want to hold it to avoid financial loss and prepare for the World Cup, but holding the entire event at a neutral venue will make “face-saving” difficult.

Recently, there have been reports in the Indian media that the members rejected the PCB’s hybrid model and moved the event from Pakistan. However, a senior PCB official termed the news as an attempt by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to increase pressure, adding that the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has not officially said anything about it, and they are still in discussions. The news released by unnamed sources is not authentic.


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