February, 22, 2024
Naqvi Secures Quick Win with Cavalry Underpass Completion

Naqvi Secures Quick Win with Cavalry Underpass Completion

Infostani Sources- “Mohsin Speed” achieved a faster completion of the Cavalry Underpass, taking only two and a half months instead of the initially projected six months, resulting in a 15% cost savings. Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, inaugurated the Cavalry Underpass. In his address, he extended congratulations to the people of Lahore for the successful completion of the underpass. He emphasized staying at home to mitigate smog, urging residents not to venture out unnecessarily. Mohsin Naqvi highlighted the positive impact of environmental care. Noting a recent reduction in smog levels over the past three days due to decreased traffic.

Challenges arose during the construction of the Cavalry Underpass, requiring the closure of the main road. Opening the Ghoda Chowk flyover on December 7 will render Center Point to Defense Motor Road signal-free. The completed Cavalry Underpass is expected to accommodate 200,000 vehicles daily. The focus remains on finalizing the jacket of roads and closed roads. With efforts to soon complete the Lahore Pindi Ring.

Mohsin Naqvi, along with DGLDA, the team, and the contractor, worked tirelessly day and night to achieve the successful completion of the Cavalry Underpass. Additionally, Mohsin Naqvi, during an early morning visit to the Bedian and Cavalry underpasses, expressed dissatisfaction with the delayed completion of the side roads for the Bedian underpass and sought an explanation for the delay.

Jam-Packed Schedule for Naqvi: Inaugurations, Sikh Meeting, PTV Celebration, and Civic Engagement

Naqvi Secures Quick Win with Cavalry Underpass Completion

Why didn’t they finish the work by the November 25 deadline for the side roads? The Sikh Chief Minister’s question angered LDA officials. Meanwhile, a delegation of 39 pilgrims, visiting on the birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak, met Mohsin Naqvi. In the meeting, Mohsin Naqvi acknowledged and assured the implementation of the proposals and recommendations from the Sikhs or Tris. The caretaker chief minister stressed that we invite our brothers not just for tourism but with genuine affection. Mohsin Naqvi and IG Punjab conversed with Sikhs or Tris in pure Punjabi.

In another event, Mohsin Naqvi participated in the 59th-anniversary celebration of Pakistan Television. Alongside Federal Minister Murtaza Solangi and Provincial Minister Amir Mir, he cut the cake. As the chief guest, he extended congratulations on behalf of Punjab and the Government of Punjab, expressing best wishes for PTV and its employees. Highlighting the importance of modern times, he suggested that PTV needs to focus more on digital media, aiming for 70% digital media and 30% electronic media. Institutions lingering in print media, not transitioning to electronic media, have fallen behind.

Subsequently, Mohsin Naqvi visited Liberty and Garden Town Police Service Centers late at night. Meeting citizens at the service centers, he inquired about obtaining a driving license. Citizens expressed concerns about delays in the license acquisition process, prompting Mohsin Naqvi to instruct the acceleration of the process.

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