February, 22, 2024
Nawaz Sharif Addresses Pakistan's Issues with PML-N Solution

Nawaz Sharif Addresses Pakistan’s Issues with PML-N Solution

Infostani International: • Nawaz Sharif, leader of PML-N, expressed concern over the worsening conditions in Pakistan since 2017. Speaking in Sialkot, he blamed those in power for rampant unemployment and poverty. Sharif pledged youth support if PML-N wins, promising business loans and initiatives for student development. PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif criticized opponents, targeting Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, anticipating a change in the Feb 8 elections.

Nawaz Sharif Addresses Public Meeting in Sialkot, Highlights Concerns Over Unemployment and Poverty; Pledges Development Initiatives Ahead of Feb 8 Elections

Nawaz Sharif, the supreme leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), stated on Sunday during a public meeting in Sialkot that the Pakistan he left in 2017 is no longer recognizable, as rising unemployment and poverty have severely impacted people’s lives.

The former prime minister asserted that those responsible for the current state of the country, marked by unemployment, poverty, and inflation, have unjustly harmed the masses. Sharif claimed that if his government had not been ousted, the youth would not be facing unemployment today, and the interrupted journey of development would have continued.

According to Sharif, inflation has made it difficult for the public to afford electricity bills, children’s school fees, and medicine in case of illness. He highlighted the soaring prices of essential commodities, such as bread at Rs20 to Rs25, sugar at Rs150, and uncontrollable petrol prices, making daily necessities unaffordable for the people. Sharif emphasized that individuals lack the financial means to arrange marriages or build homes for their daughters.

Empowering Youth and Economic Growth: PML-N’s Vision for Pakistan’s Future

The PML-N supreme leader asserted that his party remains popular among the youth, citing the distribution of laptops to students during their government to enhance skills and create opportunities in the service sector. He claimed that ongoing projects initiated by the PML-N government could have employed the youth if they had not been discontinued.

Sharif promised that if the PML-N is successful in the upcoming Feb 8 general elections, they will provide loans to educated and skilled youth to start their businesses. Additionally, he pledged to distribute laptops and computers to students to progress in their fields. However, Sharif acknowledged the need for collective hard work to overcome the present difficulties in Pakistan.

He urged the crowd to promise to work hard together, emphasizing that Sialkot businessmen would receive all the necessary facilities to expand their businesses. Sharif stated that on Feb 8, if the PML-N wins, they will take responsibility for the country’s development.

Nawaz Sharif Addresses Pakistan's Issues with PML-N Solution
PML-N manifesto promises high growth, lower prices, poverty alleviation

Shehbaz Sharif Criticizes Opponents, Expresses Confidence in PML-N’s Political Impact, and Highlights Nawaz Sharif’s Government Achievements

PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif, addressing the same public meeting, criticized political opponents and remarked that the entire country witnessed Nawaz Sharif’s public gathering in Sialkot. Shehbaz criticized PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, referring to him as a “political philanthropist” fond of labor and farmer cards at public meetings. Also, he expressed confidence that on Feb 8, people would show Bilawal and his party the “yellow card” and remove them from the political match through the power of their votes.

Shehbaz claimed that Nawaz Sharif’s government was overthrown, and a puppet regime was imposed on the nation. He asserted that Nawaz Sharif’s government had ushered in a revolution of progress and prosperity, completing significant development projects whenever in power. Shehbaz highlighted the rejection of a $5 billion US offer by the Nawaz government, which opted to conduct nuclear tests in response to India’s N-tests, making the nation proud.