February, 22, 2024
Nawaz Sharif: Critique and Call for Constitutional Vigilance

Nawaz Sharif: Critique and Call for Constitutional Vigilance

Infostani Sourses-The leader of the Muslim League (N) Nawaz Sharif has said that if someone breaks the constitution, the judges should wear a necklace on the person who broke the constitution, and they should also provide legal protection, allowing them to live with the constitution for three years.

Sharif Calls for Judicial Consequences for Constitution Breakers and Laments Lost Economic Opportunities

They are allowed to do whatever they want, and India, America, or Afghanistan have not done anything against us in the way the country has reached today. Addressing the ticket candidates from Faisalabad Division in the meeting of the PML-N Parliamentary Board, he said that if our era’s economic reforms and policies had continued, Pakistan would have become the Asian Tiger today.

Green passports will be respected, a New Pakistan will be made, and change will come; all that was a false green dream and a green garden. Despite showing a false green garden, when the selected was not winning, they were engineered immensely for it. When they still did not win, we had to stop like this. If we had gone ahead and stopped our hands according to the first level of faith, maybe this fate of the country would not have happened. But we were content to say bad things in our hearts. Today, the countries that were far behind us have gone ahead. You guys have seen 18-18 hours of load-shedding, which we ended. We ended terrorism, and there is room for a dollar that has moved here and there for four years.

Silent Observers: A Reflection on Terrorism, Economic Challenges, and Constitutional Crisis in Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif: Critique and Call for Constitutional Vigilance
Silent Observers: A Reflection on Terrorism, Economic Challenges, and Constitutional Crisis in Pakistan

But where did those days go? Terrorism is back, and the dollar went from 104 to 300 rupees. As soon as the PTI government took over, the dollar sank to the ground, and growth stopped. M came on his terms. Helicopters and planes were flown in to instill confidence in the Selected. It is sad that we keep silent even after seeing all this. Many of us end up in jail in false cases by tolerating these things. The best level of faith is that when you see evil, stop it with your hand. The lowest level is to say evil with your tongue, and then the last level is to say evil in your heart. We chose the last level. If we had gone ahead and stopped it with our hands, maybe this fate of the country would not have happened. We have been watching the spectacle for 70 or 75 years.

They destroy the constitution themselves and seal it. When the parliament breaks up, they say it’s all right. If they put the prime minister in jail, they say it’s all right. What exactly is the truth? These are the false cases that the court threw out the window in three hearings. It was said that Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz should not come out of jail; otherwise, our two years of hard work would be wasted. The nation should know what kind of hard work Bhatti was. There are all the works that we have done ourselves and have brought the country to this state today.

Nawaz Sharif Vision for Pakistan: Addressing Challenges, Advocating Moral Leadership, and Reconciliation within the Party

Nawaz Sharif said that we brought the CPEC, created employment, managed the economy, and morally trained the nation. Then everyone saw that a person taught the nation the culture of misogyny, bad culture, bad economy, bullying, bullying, rigging, U-turn, and lies. No, what are you talking about, what is the work and what are the talks? When our people go for Umrah, they start shouting slogans in the Prophet’s Mosque. This new culture was introduced in the house of Allah’s Messenger. If we want, we can get the country out of trouble, and God’s help will come only when we purify our hearts and intentions.

During the meeting, Nawaz Sharif learned about the displeasure of former MNA Mian Farooq and his son Moazzam Farooq from Faisalabad, so he directed Mian Moazzam to apologize to his father while quoting Quranic verses. Mian Moazzam apologized to both father and brother Mian Qasim Farooq. The Central Parliamentary Board will conduct interviews for women candidates for certain seats today. Interviews for minority seats will not be held later. Besides, Nawaz Sharif and party officials of Sindh, Bashir Memon, Shah Mohammad Shah, Nihal Hashmi, and others met and gave a formal invitation to the meeting in Sindh.

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