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Nawaz Sharif: Reflects on Past Leadership & Reviving Murree

Nawaz Sharif: Reflects on Past Leadership & Reviving Murree

Infostani Sources- Nawaz Sharif, leader of the Muslim League (N) and former Prime Minister. Nawaz Sharif: Not Prioritizing Prime Minister Role Again, Already Served Three Times. He emphasizes the need to reflect on the lessons from the country’s decline. Also believes that if the development pace during his previous tenure had continued, the nation could have achieved developed status. Unfortunately, the country has regressed, and he expressed regret over its current standing among the least developed nations.

Addressing a local organization of the Muslim League (N) on Thursday. Nawaz Sharif highlighted the favorable economic conditions during his earlier term. Citing a rupee-to-dollar exchange rate of 104, affordable bread at 4 rupees. Also abundant availability of essential services such as electricity and gas. He lamented the subsequent deterioration, leading to increased hardship for the people, disrupted household activities, and a decline in the overall quality of life. Sharif urged collective reflection on the factors responsible for bringing the country to its present state.

In assessing the current situation. Sharif questioned the feasibility of running a household, let alone an entire country, under such circumstances. He emphasized the need to convey this message to the entire nation. As well as underscored the importance of honesty in electoral campaigns. Cautioning against deceptive practices that could harm the country’s welfare.

Prioritizing Actions, Defending Principles, and Achieving Development Milestones

Nawaz Sharif: Reflects on Past Leadership & Reviving Murree

If I fail to take action after winning the vote, if I deceive the nation and disrupt the people’s routines, if I harm the economic and social conditions, then I would be the cruelest person. Our guiding principle is to prioritize actions over words. Under our governance, the education system in the country suffered. You’ve heard stories about their intentions—they aimed to manipulate the election by imprisoning me and Maryam. When in power, we rescued the country from bankruptcy, securing an IMF bailout without relying on external assistance to stabilize the economy.

During our tenure, two Indian Prime Ministers visited Pakistan. Despite receiving offers of 5 billion dollars from America, we declined those propositions by conducting nuclear tests. Upholding our principles and fearing God, we moved forward driven by love for the country and the vision of development.

Nawaz Sharif’s dismissal, for not taking a salary from his son, set a precedent in Pakistan. In our prior administration, we completed each power plant within eighteen months. We completed each power plant in just 18 months in our past administration. We successfully added 15 thousand megawatts to the power grid. For 50 years, there were claims of coal mines in Sindh, and we established a power plant utilizing these mines. We also completed the long-delayed Neelum Jhelum project. I don’t engage in political deceit; Falsehoods spoken here raise questions in the afterlife.

Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Advocate for Murree’s Restoration and Development

Nawaz Sharif: Reflects on Past Leadership & Reviving Murree

The former prime minister expressed joy in addressing the workers today, bringing back memories of meetings from many years ago. He emphasized his strong ties with the brothers and elders of Miramari, highlighting that Lahore is his current residence while Mari holds a special place as his second home. Reflecting on his tenure as Chief Minister of Punjab, he proudly mentioned the construction of the most beautiful highway from Islamabad to Murree, marking Pakistan’s inaugural highway.

Calling for the restoration of Murree to its former glory, he urged the resumption of development projects in the area with renewed enthusiasm. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, on this occasion, emphasized the need to revive the charm of Murree and kickstart development initiatives with dedication. She acknowledged the challenges faced by Nawaz Sharif, who had to stay abroad for four years and praised him as the visionary leader who steered the country to become a nuclear power.

Committing to efforts to transform the fate of Murree once again, she outlined plans for enhancing health facilities and initiating various projects for the convenience of the local residents. Expressing regret over the alleged conspiracy that led to the termination of Nawaz Sharif’s government, she asserted that if not for this interference, the country would have avoided the current issues of inflation and unemployment, envisioning a scenario where Pakistan could have been the leading nation in Asia.

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