February, 23, 2024

Nawaz Sharif’s Al-Azizia Appeal: High Court Decision Awaited

Infostani Sources- The Islamabad High Court has decided to hear Nawaz Sharif’s appeal against the sentence in the Al-Azizia reference and rejected NAB’s request to remand the case to the accountability court. The former prime minister, accompanied by his legal team, appeared in court, where his lawyer, Amjad Pervez, completed the arguments. Afterward, the court proceeded to hear NAB’s arguments. Additionally, the court accepted Nawaz Sharif’s request not to pursue the Bij Arshad Malik video scandal case, as NAB did not object.

Chief Justice Amir Farooq, Justice Mian Gul Hasan, and Takzeeb Division Nikah presided over the hearing. Amjad Pervez argued that NAB filed separate references on the same charge on the orders of the Supreme Court. The allegations in these references relate to assets exceeding income, and Pervez argued that consolidating the references into one would be appropriate.

Key Points in Nawaz Sharif’s Case: Witness Discrepancies, Allegations, and Video Scandal

The court will now determine whether the prosecution has proven the charges, considering there are 22 witnesses in the case, 13 of whom are on record. Notably, there is no eyewitness to the incident. Hillmetall 2006 and 2005, established in Jeddah and owned by Hussain Nawaz, are central to the case. NAB alleges that these two companies are benami of Nawaz Sharif.

The charge states that Hussain Nawaz was 28 years old, and individuals like Wahid Naya and Mehboob Alam could not prove his dependence on Nawaz Sharif. The court observed that this case differs from the previous one because Nawaz Sharif was not a public office holder from October 12, 1999, to May 2013.

During the proceedings, the NAB prosecutor raised the issue of Hajj Arshad Malik’s video. Stating that they had some miscellaneous requests.  However, Amjad Pervez contended that they had not followed requests related to the Hajj video. Also, Arshad Malik chose not to pursue the application linked to the video scandal.

Nawaz Sharif's Al-Azizia Appeal: High Court Decision Awaited

Al-Azizia Case Update: NAB’s Request Met with Skepticism, Court Adjourns Hearing

Regarding the Al-Azizia Steel Mills reference, NAB requested the accountability court to remand the case. The prosecutor asserted that accepting the appeal on merit would maintain its genuineness. However, the court stressed that even with Rehana’s backing. It would not consider Nawaz Sharif as an accused until conviction, and the trial court must reassess the case.

The court met NAB’s request with skepticism, questioning the authenticity of documents and witnesses. Amjad Pervez argued on the merits. Stating that Hussain Nawaz disclosed the money sent from his account in 2017 in the tax return. Furthermore, Nawaz Sharif does not own Al-Azizia Steel Mills and Hull Metal Establishment.

The court adjourned the hearing till Tuesday after considering the arguments presented by both sides.