March, 21, 2023
New budget proposals

New budget proposals || Bajwa doctrine and Present Era

The determination of the value of the dollar will be left to the market, New budget proposals ,new measures to restore the balance of the IMF will be implemented by ordinance

The possibility of ISLAMABAD (Shahbaz Rana) The government may impose new taxes worth around Rs 200 billion in February to break the impasse with the IMF, but political uncertainty is delaying final decisions. The global organization has demanded to fulfill the promise of measures to meet the revenue shortfall of 220 billion rupees that has come to the fore in the first half of the current financial year (July to December). Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has started consultations on the New budget proposals, including discussions on the increase in electricity rates.

He held meetings in Lahore after returning from Dubai, where no progress could be made on the sale of state assets to the UAE. Earlier, the government’s plan was to levy taxes only on imports and commercial banks to raise around Rs 80 billion for the rehabilitation of flood victims. Now the government will implement it from the first week of February.

The removal of Chief Commissioner Medium Tax Paris Office Karachi Aftab Imam for poor performance(New budget)

It is not clear whether the government will bring a presidential ordinance. A flood levy shall not be considered a money bill, unless declared so by the Speaker of the National Assembly. Changes to the Federal Excise Act, Income Tax Ordinance and amendments to the Sixth Schedule of the Sales Tax Act will require a Money Bill to be introduced through Ordinance. However, the Senate session is going on which will have to be adjourned so that the ordinance can be issued. The Federal Board of Revenue on Monday also reshuffled the heads of some field formations, including the removal of Chief Commissioner Medium Tax Paris Office Karachi Aftab Imam for poor performance.

He has not been given new responsibility, Yusuf Haider Sheikh has been made the Chief Commissioner in his place. Three years ago, the FBR also decided to take action against the Imam due to the illegal act of giving 36 months salary as reward without following the prescribed procedure. As Chief Commissioner he distributed Rs 21.2 million to favored employees but FBR did not take the matter to its logical end. FBR has appointed Khurshid Marwat as Chief Commissioner of Regional Tax Office Sargodha.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said last week that the government will stick to the FBR’s annual tax target of Rs 7,470 billion(New budget)

Due to the sharp decline in revenue, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said last week that the government will stick to the FBR’s annual tax target of Rs 7,470 billion, which is not possible without additional revenue measures of at least Rs 200 billion. Sources said the IMF has estimated a shortfall of Rs 420 billion, but the FBR has claimed it will face a shortfall of Rs 170 billion to 180 billion. According to sources, the government is exploring the possibility of reintroducing sales tax on petroleum products or increasing the levy from the current ceiling of Rs 50 per litre(New budget). As levy collections will fall short of the annual target of Rs 855 billion, the government is under pressure from the IMF to increase the levy.

Our organization in Sindh is weak, the People’s Party without riggingCan’t win, political engineering continues

They were badly stuck, the price of petrol was to be increased, but it was not increased, if the district commission was formed, it would not be possible to talk to PDM, the discussion, the decision to contest the by-election from Rajanpur.Lahore (Political Reporter, News Agencies) Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan said that we are planning to return to the National Assembly, if we do not go to the Assembly, we will form a supervisory setup together with Raja Riaz.

If there is a run-off election, then the decision will be taken according to the opportunity, Imran Khan said during a meeting with senior journalists that the election is being held in April.Political engineering is still going on, there is no significant difference between the Bajwa Doctrine and the current era, the Truth and Conciliation Commission cannot be discussed with the PDM, the Truth and Conciliation Commission can talk about the establishment, if the Prime Minister Even if they do not get the vote of confidence, they will not go anywhere.

There is no such thing as morality in them, they are badly trapped, Ishaq Dar was supposed to increase the price of petrol but did not, it means that Now the IMF will not come, they got a loan of two billion dars while the remittances of two billion dollars also decreased, Bajwa is going to protest regarding the journalist arrested in the leak case, Shahid Aslam, pressure is also being put on the JIT. . It will take me two weeks to recover.He said that our organization in Sindh is weak, People’s Party cannot win without rigging, Meanwhile, Imran Khan has decided to contest Rajanpur NA-193 by-election by himself. According to private TV, this seat belongs to Sardar Jafar Laghari. Vacated by death.

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